Day 4

Today is the day we worked all morning / afternoon and by late afternoon, it hardly looked like we got anywhere. Well, I made an Aco run. And then Emmet made an Aco / Tractor Supply run… and later I made a Lowes run… and finally another Aco run. Apparently it was a four-trip sort of day.

We decided to remove the rest of the wood paneling from the backside of the cabinets in order to install the white beadboard. And I want a door to access the wasted cabinet space next to the dishwasher and sink. Then we yanked out the disgusting under sink linoleum, and I decided to just get some of those stick on tiles to replace it.

Then I decided I really should replace that plug under the sink- it’s installed in a stupid spot- directly under the piping and the metal outlet box and parts of the actual outlet are corroded and nasty- not to mention it isn’t safe to be there- it should be a ground fault interrupting plug. Sigh. I should just do this right huh? So we pulled it out and I got the outlet and the new stick on tiles at Aco, but we couldn’t get the outlet box until the Lowes trip. We also spent quite awhile at Brendan’s house using his table saw to cut the beadboard. Em installed the tile and then had to leave… and I made that trip to Lowes to get the right electrical box. Then came home and second guessed myself again and decided to really do it right, so Leslie and I ran to Aco for the wire to move the outlet.

Nick arrived after work and we started in on the floor again! Orsi came by and shared her laminate flooring wisdom and helped with a few rows. Donal was the designated jigsaw man, and Leslie and Lindsey worked on installing beadboard.

We got nearly done with the floor- just another row in one area, two in another area, and a doorway to navigate. But I need to make some subfloor changes in the doorway first. Anyway, after we left off the flooring for the night, Donal and I moved the stove back- and Donal reconnected it in the back (not an easy job!). Then Donal left and Leslie and I moved the fridge back. Yayayayay!!

Here’s how it looks so far:

I love it!! Love love love it. Thank you SOOOO much to all the helpers! Couldn’t have done it without you!

4 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. You have been a posting fool, Reen, but that doesn't even take into account all of the housework you've been doing. That flooring job looks daunting! Ugh! But I love your new laminate flooring. Let me know what you think and how it goes with the hardwood I think you have in your dining room. We've got taxes to pay, IRA contributions to make, and tuition to pay, BUUUUUUT I really want to get started on our kitchen. Thanks for the all the inspiration. 🙂 Love, Aunt Marie

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