Puppy Season ?

DSC_2552In the past year, my few friends who had dogs basically had most of them die. First Chance, then Maggie, then Buck, then Pepper. All within a couple months of each other. I was ahead of the curve (knowing Maggie wasn’t going to be around much longer) so I got a puppy the same year. This year, however, seems to be the year of the puppy for my other friends. What is really funny is realizing that I am not ready for a new puppy. Once in awhile I have the crazy thought that a puppy would be great for Daisy because she’d have someone to romp with and maybe she’d leave poor old Suzie alone. Then I come to my senses and realize I am not ready for a puppy yet.

Being a lover of all things cute and fuzzy, I assumed the minute I met my friend’s puppies, I’d go all mush and want to take them home.  Instead I loved meeting them -fluffy, tiny, adorable balls of love and mischief, and I left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude that they were not coming home with me. I guess I’m not quite recovered from my own puppy yet — or rather, we’re in the one year old puppy stage which is a big enough handful right now.

It also reminds me, once again, to look for the good in my current situation. Not that there aren’t struggles, but that there is always good to be found.

I do miss the tiny puppy snuggles. I do not miss having to be vigilant about shoes, anything on the floor, or someone peeing in the wrong place. Daisy is 1.5 years old. She is and has been completely potty trained for so long I barely remember that rough month last spring. She comes when she is called. She chews on toys exclusively and hasn’t destroyed anything in a long time (except that one day I left her out of the crate when I went to Mass — oops). She doesn’t even have to sleep in a crate anymore because she’s proven she can be trusted at night. This is all very good and makes my life a happy place. Would lack of these things ruin my life? No. No it wouldn’t. But it is nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. Now if I can get her to not occasionally knock over tiny people with her exuberance and drop the ball consistently on command, we’ll be really living the dream.

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