Day 3 (Wednesday)

Emmet was over in the morning and we spent about 6 hours removing staples from the floor. Apparently whoever secured the subfloor to the older floor thought the more staples the better, and it took us forever to get all the staples out. Under the stove, I counted over 100 staples! (Seriously, where did they think this floor was going?) I ended up getting fencing pliers (a farmer’s tool, in case you can’t tell) which made the job go much faster for me (Emmet wasn’t enough of a farmer to master the farmer’s tool – he stuck with the pry bar, hammer, and pliers). Farmer’s tool or no, I was glad to be finally done with all of those blasted staples (and now I have the farmer’s fencing pliers next time I need to do any fencing).

Emmet also somehow got behind the stove, turned off the gas, and disconnected the stove so we could move that into the living room and out of the way for the new floor.

Nick, Jen, and Sarah and Donal came for dinner and post dinner flooring. We put down the underlayment and started on the laminate flooring.

Installing the laminate isn’t a quick or simple task, especially when working around cabinets, stove piping, doorways, and more… but thanks to Nick’s floor expertise (he put in a similar floor with his dad last year) and Donal and Leslie’s expert cutting skillz, we did get a good start.
Tonight we’ll go round two and hopefully run into less snags than we had last night. In the meantime, the part of the new floor that is in is AWESOME, love it! Can’t wait for the rest to be done…

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