Done done done done

I hesitate to use the word “done” just yet, because there’s always more to do (caulk the edges, add quarter round trim everywhere, put transitions between the other flooring in the doorways)… but… the floor itself is DONE!!! Yay! Tonight’s helpers for that last little bit of floor included Karen, Emmet, Leslie and I.

I did the subflooring adjustments in the doorway to the living room and it only took another hour or two to finish the last bit of flooring and the landing. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP friends!! I am so happy.

Also, I slept in this morning (working on #1 goal- recover). Have made zero progress on the painting of the cabinet doors… sigh… maybe tomorrow. Today I only made one trip to Lowes to fix (correctly) the plug under the cabinet- I’d tried to use the wire Aco had available, not sure if it was going to work or not. It didn’t. So I went to Lowes and funnily enough, when you use the correct wire, it works. So now the plug under the sink is new and safe. Yay, we won’t discuss how long it took all told, or how many trips to hardware stores… Emmet recut the beadboard and he and Leslie installed the rest of if on the backsides of the cupboards. I got a cupboard door for $2 at the Habitat for Humanity Restore which I will paint and put in that opening there to use the wasted cupboard space- I think it will be the new home for the crockpot, waffle iron, and other seldom used appliances. Excellent. The beadboard just needs a coat of paint and trim around the edges and it will be set!

That’s all for now folks. Tomorrow I’m really hoping to at least prep the doors for painting, drill holes for new hardware, and clean up the flooring mess from all over the house. We shall see… the end of break draws near (sadness). I need another week…

One thought on “Done done done done

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course you need another week, don't we all :). BUT now you get to live with a new beautiful floor in your kitchen!!!!
    And can I just say, I L.O.V.E. the beadbord. Sigh. Beadboard makes a person happy. RELAX in your new kitchen. Ha, who am I kidding?

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