About Me

Hello and welcome. My name is Reenie (Hi Reenie).

house 2014I live in a little fixer upper I affectionately call “The Little House on the Hill” (or sometimes “The Little Shack on the Hill.”)  The Little house sits on over two acres of gorgeous and neglected yard. I moved here in 2012 and have been working to make the Little House better one tiny step at a time since then. You can also find older posts from my days in my previous home and the projects and adventures that happened there.

11349281_515287638627150_1201674621_n(1)I have two mutts, Suzie and Daisy, to keep me company at home and provide endless entertainment. And I live in a wonderful community of family and friends, and have a lot of fabulous nieces and nephews (and nearly nieces and nephews) that enrich my life.

This blog is my corner to share thoughts, projects, photos, recipes, and anything else that particularly inspires me. It isn’t glamorous, it is never fancy, but it is always real. And there’s a lot of real life going on over here. Thank you for stopping by.

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