Mistaken Identity


I am pretty sure Helen is actually He-Len.  Yeah. I thought it was a little strange when I got the three chickens back from my mom after the Chicken Slaughter at the Homestead and my one remaining chicken looked noticeably larger. They were all the same age. My parents were feeding the chicks at their place the same thing I was feeding mine. ??

In the last week, I’ve been getting progressively more suspicious and though I haven’t heard an actually “cock a doodle doo” out of him, I’m pretty sure Helen is a rooster. He’s a lot bigger than the other three and his comb is three times as big. Here’s Helen, Agnes, and Edna.  See what I mean? chickens3

I can’t keep a rooster in the city (though they allow chickens, they do not allow roosters). So unless my mom wants a rooster, I think He-Len will spend the next few weeks out there with the hens and then we’ll eat him. And in the meantime, we’ve nicked named He-Len just plain Lenny. It just seemed right.


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