A couple seconds to breathe

Hi friends. In the two days between jobs, I’m trying to finish a painting job, recover from a lot of softball (ouch!), and get a couple things done in the yard. Yesterday by the time I could stand the idea of moving (so lunchtime) I taped up and put the first coat of paint on the downstairs hall and promptly ran out of paint. I made my Lowes run and then had to shower and get out the door for some time with a couple friends. So. Awesome.

Today I met with my dad for a couple hours, ran an errand, and just finished the painting. Once it dries I will take down all the tape and wash the floor.  Still need to paint the trim upstairs (lots of doorway trim in the hall) and then put the hall back together. While painting the hall is nothing startling, no vast colorful difference, it looks fabulous. It has needed to be painted for years and I’ve delayed because it is such a pain. In fact, I think it is the only area of my house I’ve never painted (so that’s 10 years of nicks, scratches, and furniture dents to deal with). 

It is a very pale yellow – really looks more cream I guess. Anyway, it is bright, crisp, and nice to be done. It was a complete pain to paint. 

Next up? I want to experiment with chalkboard paint on the inside of a couple cabinets. Just for kicks. 

And then there’s the table and chairs project…

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