The Coop

Spring2012 434Spring2012 438

So… there’s some work to do in Chickenland… half of the roof needs new hinges and to be reconnected.

You can see the nesting box holes from the inside – need to build nesting boxes… Or attach the old cabinet I got from the Habitat Restore which can become nesting boxes (or I like it in theory anyway).

The door to the coop needs a latch (a very sturdy latch) and I’m thinking I should put a second, very secure layer of chicken wire over everything since the dogs will be attempting to make it into the coop. 

Spring2012 435Spring2012 440

One thing I will not need to do: Put it on skis because, if you look closely, why yes! It is already on skis (apparently to make it easier to move around?) and the skis even have chickens on them!

Spring2012 442Spring2012 443

So there you have it. My $35 used craigslist coop in need of some renovations to make way for it’s new inhabitants.

Spring2012 439

2 thoughts on “The Coop

  1. Hurray! …and, after our convo last night, I discovered that yes, I can have a goat…well, if 70% of my neighbors sign a petition and I get a permit. For some reason I'm convinced that my nearest neighbor – Mark – will be the veto-vote.

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