Living Room: Front Door

My dream for the front door looks like this (style wise):
front door

Image Credit: Home Depot

That dream will be realized when I find a nice second hand door in the right size, or when I finish a lot of other projects and have a bunch of money sitting around. (But if you ever see one by the side of the road, pick it up by all means!!) Until then, the current front door is perfectly functional. Unfortunately, once I painted all the window and door trim white (actually Antique White), the front door looked terrible. It’s dingy, unpainted white simply couldn’t compete with the clean, fresh trim paint.


So I started swatching. I wanted to paint it in one of the blue shades in the curtains. I love the dark blue in the pattern best but thought it might be too dark for the door. I went with this one:


I saw an ad for the Blue Store $1 sample sale. PERFECT! I bought two (a lighter and a mid tone teal) and ended up going with the mid tone one. And I love it! Makes such a huge difference in this room! I think it was kind of the crowning glory to the whole trim painting and curtain adding project. As I stepped back to admire it, while the paint was drying, I said to myself, “Now that looks very Reenie.” And I should know.

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