Living Room: Trim Saga

The living room trim project kind of took on a life of it’s own. I’ve been wanting to paint it forever.


I added chunky headers back in December when I was insulating around the door and front window. So it has been sitting there waiting to paint.

First I had a lot of prep. I used four tubes of caulk just prepping the trim for painting and there are still a few gaps I missed. The trim was not done well to begin with and there were a lot of gaps, some rather large. Ugh. I spent a couple evenings caulking and putting wood putty in the holes… and then going back over again.
Next I started the painting marathon, which took most of my weeknights that first week of February. It was a good use of my time while it was so dreary outside. I primed the trim and then it still took about four coats of the white to cover everything.
Up close it is far from perfect. The old trim had cracks and holes and texture that are still there in spite of my best efforts. The perfectionist in me wishes I had ripped it out and started over. On the other hand, the cheapskate / realist in me is glad to at least improve the situation without replacing everything. And the white really brightens up the room. I primed the trim with one coat and then it took three coats of white trim paint to cover the dark stain. There is one doorway I didn’t paint or add the header to because someday (maybe summer 2016??) I plan to expand that doorway all the way to the chimney and it seems silly to fix up the trim if I’m planning to remove it entirely someday (soon ish).
The only part I couldn’t finish was the wood right next to the windows. It was too cold outside so the windows were condensing and the paint wouldn’t dry. I’ll have to finish that up when the weather warms up.
labeled window

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