Living Room: Ceiling & Walls


One Saturday night in January, when I finally sat down, I lit a couple candles (in jars), kicked off my shoes, gave the dogs their kong treats, and curled up under a blanket to watch a few episodes of Fixer Upper. I woke up an hour later to see one of the candles sputtering and smoking and flames rising above the jar. I blew it out and forgot about it until I realized I could see all these dots on the ceiling above there. And then figured out it was soot. Awesome.

A couple weeks later I attempted to clean the soot off the ceiling and ended up making it look even worse. Mmm hmm. Time to repaint the ceiling. It has been bugging me anyway because I didn’t repaint when I moved in and the previous homeowner did a terrible job edging so when I look at it closely, I can see splashes or orange along the wall to ceiling line. It was also a weird satin paint – which is all wrong on the ceiling. Not something I wanted to do right now but this sooty mess made it clear I should just go for it, especially since I was already working on the trim in this room. LR1
Once I repainted the ceiling, and touched up a few spots on the walls, I realized you could see clearly where I’d touched up the wall. Ugh. Apparently 2.5 years is long enough to make it not blend in with the original paint. So on Wednesday night I put a second coat on the ceiling and then edged and put a coat of paint on the walls. Thank God for that 3/4 gallon of the original paint.
As much as I didn’t want to have to repaint the walls, that coat of paint does make it all look fresh and clean again.

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