Lamp #2

That first lamp, while adorable (in my humble opinion), was too short for that space. So it is going upstairs to the bedside dresser and I am still hunting for the perfect living room lamp for this side table.


Lighting in my living room has been an ongoing challenge. I put in a ceiling fan box two years ago this spring but the ceiling fan is still in it’s box in the basement waiting to be installed (perhaps this weekend?). I’ve been using these two Walmart torcheire lamps since I moved in and they are honestly just in the way. The light is nice  but the fact that the puppy and often a visiting toddler knock them over is less than ideal. I have two thrifted lamps that I bought awhile ago and I’m thinking of trading them out for the torch lamps.

That leaves the table next to the couch lamp-less and in need of some lighting. Thus my newly found obsession for upcycling lamps. I think I should start a side business for upcycled lighting called “Lamps after Dark”. Thank you, I think it is brilliant.

Sometimes we crate this adorable and energetic puppy (after attempting to wear her out):

Then Suzie and I spend a bit of time pursuing our own hobbies in peace:




DSC_1745I started by taking the lamp apart because that seemed easier than taping off the metal on the top and bottom (I am so very lazy about taping). I just unscrewed the bottom and it all came apart easily.

DSC_1751 I painted it with two coats of homemade chalk paint. Waited for it to (mostly) dry.Traced the stencil with a pencil. Painted the leaves in white acrylic paint and the flowers in leftover latex from painting the front door. Easy peasy.



DSC_1759 DSC_1762 DSC_1763 DSC_1766


The deets on this reno:
Lamp $5.99 at Goodwill
Lamp shade $6.99 at Goodwill (Naturally now that it is finished I’m not wild about the lamp shade so I’ll be scoping for a cheap replacement)
Homemade Chalk paint (I used a recipe with the baking soda because I couldn’t find my unsanded grout)
Paint Sample – Lowes (used approx 1/4 of a 99 cent sample)
Stencil (from Nu2u thrift store $0.50)IMG_0143

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