Creative Moments

Over the winter, I’ve had some bigger projects going on (living room trim, sewing room, staying warm, etc) and I’ve made room for some little insignificant projects. I consider these my mental health projects. They help me decompress from stress and do something creative when life is too much. I will say that a couple dollars and a bit of creativity goes a long way toward saving my sanity sometimes.
DSC_1555DSC_1557 DSC_1572
DSC_1578This lamp is a perfect example.
Purchased for 2.50 at thrift store (half off)
Painted with a couple coats of MMS milk paint in Luckett’s green with bonding agent (from my stash).
Stenciled the leaves on (stencil was a thrift store find $0.50) with MMS milk paint in Grain Sack.
Sanded to distress a few spots
Finished with Valspar chalk paint sealing wax
Lamp shade from Meijer $10
I got a cute lamp out of the deal for about $14 (if you factor in everything) and spent an hour doing something theraputically creative. Clearly a win. It looks a little short for the table I planned to use it on, so I’m going to use it in the bedroom where I need a bedside table. And it means I can scour the thrift stores for another Ugly Duckling to make over.

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