Homemade Christmas Round Up

DSC_0048I think I last mentioned my overly optimistic Homemade Christmas plans back in November. Here’s what I managed to make for Christmas for the various nieces, nephews, and godchildren:

13 pairs of flannel pants
2 dinosaur sweatshirts
2 dinosaur hooded towels (finished and sent after New Year’s)
3 fleece jedi robes (finished and sent after New Year’s)

The gifts were well received, seemed to fit fairly well, and have been appreciated.DSC_0676IMG_8585DSC_0688





I made (and then had professionally printed) the extended family calendar (with a HUGE thanks to mysister Fiona who made three of the months for me!!!!). The count is  81 birthdays right now. 81 birthdays! 81 people to find photos of and put into the proper months! It is a significant undertaking and I was quite late on starting this year, 734758_10151404564884583_937545644_nbut it is also a really good reminder of God’s faithfulness to this family. Every year I think a lot about my grandma (who passed away 15 years ago) and how pleased she must be at her legacy. Every time the family is gathered together lately, I can almost see her there smiling and laughing at all the antics and the fun.

DSC_0632Righto, back to the homemade gift situation. I helped my siblings re-felt my dad’s pool table as his gift (not as easy as I’d hoped but a worthwhile endeavor). We’re working on raising another generation of pool sharks and it is always fun to get beaten by Grandpa Gene, who even at 92, can usually beat anyone.

I did end up buying the goddaughters their gifts, as I suspected may happen and have one small godson whose gift I’ve had since Thanksgiving and I haven’t managed to mail it. Thankfully he will never know the difference.

IMG_9204Shout out to my dear friend Karen who sewed pants with me one night and helped me finish the seams of the dino towels. Part of me wants to get a serger and learn how to do that myself and most of me is happy to have an excuse to hang out with one of my favorite people doing an activity we both love.

Making the gifts was quite enjoyable because it gives me a great excuse to do something cozy and creative on these dark winter evenings, for some of my favorite little people. Though I can’t say it was all accomplished on time, I am going to say that Homemade Christmas was a success.


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