Cabinet door installation

I sometimes feel bad for you, my dear readers, that you are still hearing about the kitchen project. Finish up already! I really am trying – for all of our sakes! Monday night I made some serious progress in this department. I moved the freshly painted doors from the barn, helped my brother and sister in law get set up for spraying their cabinets in my barn, and then started installing the doors.

DSC_9266Oh there were few glitches — a few doors that are supposed to meet in the middle that don’t quite, so they need to be sanded down and that part re-painted. A few rough spots in the paint that bugged me- sanded down, touched up. And then this one door that doesn’t work with the new cabinet and hinge configuration.

And then once the doors were on, the next day I started putting the hardware on (because of course I bought that months ago and had it sitting here ready).

So it isn’t done yet, but LOOK AT THIS! A KITCHEN WITH DOORS!!!! AND HARDWARE!!! This feels big somehow. Oh there’s those missing under-the-sink-cabinet doors and that one door that needs to be trimmed. But mostly this place feels like a big, bright, cabinet-doored dream come true.


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