Cabinet Door Painting… again…

Once the gray lower doors were painted and installed, it was time to switch over and do the uppers and pantry doors in white. I sanded, filled dents and old hardware holes, sanded the wood putty, wiped them down, got them all set up on plastic covering both sides of my painting booth, and started spraying!! Three thin coats of primer and I used a foam roller on the second coat of primer to make sure to fill the grain with paint. Otherwise it stands out and doesn’t look great. I did the same on the first coat of cabinet paint to make sure the grain got really painted in the cracks. The rest of it works great with the Critter sprayer.

DSC_9165DSC_9171DSC_9168  DSC_9167

I was volunteering Friday evening and Saturday until aroudn 2 pm and wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do anything. But I got home and the doors were calling my name. The weather was glorious! Mid-70’s, sunny, breezy. The perfect day to be out with the barn door open spraying those doors. Booyah.

The puppy proved to be a productivity killer, as usual. With my older dogs, they always know what “out” means and have gotten pretty good at seeing paint and knowing I’m going to make them leave. Daisy has a two second attention span and doesn’t understand “out” just yet, much less wet paint. I’d have my back turned for a minute and she’d dart in, tail wagging dangerously close to my wet doors. I’d start shrieking and waving my arms and it startled her enough that she left promptly (for the most part) and by the end of the weekend, started to understand that meant I didn’t want her in the barn at all. She would show up outside the barn with a ball every few minutes, but eventually caught on that she probably shouldn’t approach me in the barn.

photoshopped photoshopped2

The paint dried very fast for me, so there wasn’t a lot of down time between coats. I finished the door fronts on Saturday night and let them dry overnight before flipping them all over and starting on the backs on Sunday. It was a lot of paint spraying on a lot of doors, but felt SO. INCREDIBLY. GOOD. to finally get them done, and all in one fell swoop.


I’d been dreading the all encompassing nature of spraying all these doors, so I think it was a mercy that I tackled it after an exhausting week at work, an overly social week on the home front, and then volunteering for a conference Friday night and Saturday. This introvert was ready to throw in some ear plugs and just spray some paint all by my lonesome for a couple days. Add that to the previously mentioned gorgeous weather surrounded by my amazing (though grossly neglected) yard and some crazy dogs, it really wasn’t so bad after all.

DSC_9260 DSC_9252

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