Cabinet Door Painting

This is the part I remember taking FOREVER when I painted kitchen cabinets in the old house — painting the doors. So many coats of paint. So many cabinet doors! Will it never end??


DSC_7544When I replaced the sink cabinet a few months back, I didn’t use the doors on the new (used) cabinet because they were not in the greatest of shape. I remember holding up cabinet doors (that I thought were from the old sink cabinet) and thinking how nicely they fit. Great! Yeah, it turns out I was holding up the doors from the adjacent cabinet, not the sink cabinet. Womp womp. DSC_7524

At the end of August, while preparing for my big Irish Park party, I desperately wanted to get some doors finished and put back on. Sometimes it’s the little things, right? I mean the party is mostly outdoors but people will wander through to use the bathroom and wouldn’t it be nice to have doors on the cabinets? Or at least the lower
cabinets? Right. So I pulled a couple long evenings and early mornings and finished painting the lower doors (not that impressive, but it felt like something.)
klassyI had gone grocery shopping after work and came home to find the lower cabinet door s dried and ready to install… and the power out. Argh. This is what cordless tools are for, people. So I fired up the drill and started installing hinges and doors in the mostly dark kitchen. I had a flashlight but it was in the barn and felt like work to go get it. I get to the last set of doors and realize they don’t fit the cabinet I thought they belonged on. Hmm. DSC_8490Must have used the wrong doors on the sink cabinet. So I install those on the cabinet next to the stove only to realize my error of a few weeks ago. The sink cabinet doors do not in fact fit the sink cabinet. GAH. Of course by this time it is truly dark so I snagged the motion sensored light I installed to take Daisy out to pee. Nice Reenie, that’s some serious klass.  
DSC_8488 DSC_8489

So I’ve got 7 out of 9 lower doors installed (but not the ones for the sink because now I need to find new doors to fit there). And of course it all took twice as long because it was dark.DSC_8492

And I couldn’t start priming the pantry doors because the power was out. So much for my overly optimistic plans. As usual, they were overly optimistic and I was left embracing the poverty of revealing my half done kitchen to lots and lots of people – who mostly know me well enough to expect such a display.

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