End of Summer

DSC_8680There are very few times in my life where I flaunt the joys of being single, because frankly, I’d give anything to be married with a family of my own. But in the interest of embracing the joys in my particular situation, here’s today’s happy thought: I don’t have to end summer just because everyone else’s kids are back in school.

You may be ending your summer, and that is all well and good, but I’m going to hang onto it as long as I possibly can. And since Obedience School is the only schooling that will be happening in our household in the near future, we can just pretend fall isn’t barreling toward us at the speed of light. We are in happy denial and plan to live up summer until the bitter end (or until September 22nd since I’m told the first day of fall is Sept 23rd this year). Mmm hmm. That leaves me just a couple more weeks to summer it up big time.

End of Summer List (started a few weeks ago):
– Host Irish Park 2.0 – done!
– Plant a tree or bush over Maggie’s grave
– Take my water loving dogs to a lake, somewhere, somehow
– Finish painting the kitchen cabinet doors (I’m giving myself to the end of September for this one)
– Get an estimate to have someone else paint my outdoor trim (not saying I won’t end up doing it myself, but I’d like to know what I’m worth)
– Organize yard and garden stuff in the barn
– Install microwave
– Can peaches – done!
– Can salsa – done!
– Can tomatoes
– Pick raspberries (not in my yard)
– Cage new orchard trees (to protect from deer)
– Install farm gates – done!
– Re-hang gate near garage
– drink sangria on the deck
– Train Daisy how to fetch for real (as in bring the ball back and then drop it!)
– Bonfires
– Munchkin camp out – done!

Happy Summer!

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