Irish Park 2.0

So last year we  tried this thing called Irish Park. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area and have never been to German Park, you should totally go next year. I love it! Anyway, my brother Donal and his family and I decided to throw a partay for our friends called Irish Park. It’s no German Park, there’s no cover charge (although I ponder it for funding future kitchen upgrades). The food is decidedly free and not actually Irish (I hope we get points for that).

Anyway, so we set up lots of tables and chairs (some borrowed). We raked up some sticks and dog poo. We made hot dogs, pulled pork, and chicken salad. We got a keg. And everyone brought sides and desserts. The munchkins ran wild. The adults visited and drank beer. And Irish Park 2.0 was a complete success. I know I saw this all the time, but I am so blessed with amazing friends. And even though I barely got to visit with all my favorite people (simply because there are so many of them), it was the best possible way to kick off another year.

Irish Park 2.0: Worth the hype.

DSC_8495 DSC_8497 DSC_8501 DSC_8502 DSC_8503 DSC_8505 DSC_8506 DSC_8509 DSC_8513 DSC_8514 DSC_8518 DSC_8519 DSC_8520 DSC_8522 DSC_8525 DSC_8526 DSC_8527 DSC_8528 DSC_8530 DSC_8532 DSC_8533 DSC_8535 DSC_8537 DSC_8539 DSC_8564 DSC_8565 DSC_8569 DSC_8571

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