Pantry Cabinets

IMG_7764The week between vacations I purposely had a several evenings at home. I cleaned, sanded, spackled, and started the process of priming the lower cabinet doors in the barn. The next night, I was on a roll. I moved the two big pantry cabinets from the barn into my car, from the car, to the deck, and from the deck into the kitchen. These are big, heavy cabinets, and I was super proud of being able to maneuver them myself and get them into the house.

IMG_7765The only hitch was standing it up… oops. I realized I couldn’t get it without another set of hands. Thankfully I have a friend who responded to my “help” text and came right over and stood up both cabinets with me so I could keep going. Thank God for friends nearby! I needed to prime and paint the side of the cabinet that would be adjacent to the other cabinets. So I started that process before bed.

IMG_7777Friday night I was out with friends until late, but managed another quick coat of paint on the cabinet frames before heading to bed. I just want to get these things installed! (Note Suzie’s new napping spot: under the kitchen table where the puppy can’t easily disturb her).
IMG_7783 Saturday was a crazy busy day at home. I got the pantry cabinets installed – not as easy as you’d think- especially because nothing is level or square and the cabinets are different depths. Anyway, I finally got them installed, got the frames sanded and painted, the inside painted, modified some shelves (so I have a place for my cookie sheet pans) and even began filling the shelves. I love it!
Meanwhile my house looks like a bomb went off. Dirty laundry on the bathroom floor, the laundry room floor, rags on the kitchen floor. Tools everywhere. An extra dog for the week. My geriatric dog declining fast. A puppy chewing up the shim I was using for the cabinet installation. Dishes to wash. Ahhhhhh. The DIY lifestyle is not for the faint of heart… or for a person who regularly has people drop in unannounced… oops.
Regardless, I’m thankful for progress! And having the pantry cabinets in the kitchen and painted feels huge! Wooo Saturday!

One thought on “Pantry Cabinets

  1. Haha! That is totally something I would do! I can’t tell you how many times I “thought” I could handle something and ended up calling out to Hubby because I had gotten myself into a mess. He always just laughs and helps me. I think he is used to it by now! 😉 They do look good…all that storage will be really nice!

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