Crazy goes on vacation

Because Crazy never sleeps, there I was, in a familiar cabin, surround by familiar way out of date decor, and I notice the lamp. Sheesh. Half the cabins still have this lamp, bolted to the table. This one is, you may notice, is mustard colored and the mustard paint is all chipping off. Lovely. I’m sitting there staring at it and can’t help but think the marvels a well aimed can of spray paint could do. Hmmm. Really? We can’t just leave well enough alone?
IMG_7709 IMG_7711
No. We cannot. It just so happened I needed thread to finish the baby quilt I was trying to finish up there (because yes, I sew on vacation, shutty). I couldn’t do it without the gray thread. So Lu and I went on an early morning adventure to Joann’s for the thread with a stop at Walmart for a few other things and a $4 can of spray paint.
I am that crazy.
IMG_7714And I don’t regret it at all. Voila! Look how much better it looks!



IMG_7715Yes, I want to now spray the remaining collection of paint peeling mustard lamps up there. And now I’m going to scope out the thrift stores for some better lamp shades because eww.
You can’t stop Crazy, even on vacation.

#Ihaveaproblem #DIYdisease #makingtheworldprettieronelampatatimeIMG_7716

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