An end to black raspberry season


Berry picking with a puppy

To finish black raspberry season off, I have a few more thoughts for you.

I made my last few batches of black raspberry syrup in the crock pot and it works great (and removes the risk of charring it overnight if you leave it simmering). Plus the whole house smells good. I basically put the water, sugar, and rinsed berries into the crock pot, on low for a long time (maybe 12 hours). Then you strain off the pulp and seeds, jar the syrup and can it. It also occurred to me I can make more berry shrub by using the canned syrup if I want to. MAKE ALL THE THINGS!

I am determined to figure out a way to do some serious brush clearing and poison ivy pulling among the black raspberry jungle. I know that black raspberries like the jungle, but I want to find a way to tame it while cultivating a spot for the berries. Not sure this is possible but I am sure going to try it!

Black raspberry season peaked a week ago Sunday (I got 12 cups from one picking) and then neglected it all week while I was busy with other things. Went again this Sunday and it is clear the season is nearly done. It is a little sad when it is over but also kind of a relief. It’s pretty busy to devote that mu ch time to keeping up on the berries. And I’ve done quite well for myself. Beyond all the infusing alcohol, I’ve got 13 pints of black raspberry syrup canned, a container of black raspberry shrub, 3 pints of jam, drunken berries in the freezer for some cobblers, and a couple pints of canned berries. I can enjoy the black raspberries for months to come and I plan to.

And now we can move on to other topics for a bit.

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