I’ve long thought we should start a series called #honestproject just to keep it real around here on the interwebs where perfection or at least showing perfection seems to be the thing to do. Sadly I’m really bad at the perfection thing (although I want to master it somehow) and I’m fairly good at the real, nitty, gritty messy parts of life.

So today, in the spirit of #honestproject, I think you should know:
BestiesThis past Sunday was one of those CRAZY days. Mass where a recently ordained deacon friend of mine preached, brunch for 40 at my house (my family and my second family), from there to a pool party with friends (some of whom had been at brunch), and then a BBQ at my aunt’s house (immediate and extended family). Crazy, crazy, wonderful, peopled out, fun day.
So I get home somewhere around 9.30 pm to feed my dogs and unwind a bit. And as I’m cleaning my kitchen (ish) I notice that container of black raspberries I need to deal with. I considered freezing them but then thought I’d be up for awhile, why not make a batch of black raspberry syrup while I’m tasking and relaxing this evening. How could I go wrong, right? I admit the sane (and tired) side of me had my doubts that this was a good idea. However, the “I can do anything” side of me won out and I rinsed the berries, threw them into a pan with water and sugar and set it on simmer.
I finished loading the dishwasher, settled a few puppy shenanigans, and sat down on the couch to watch some TV and put my feet up. I got up and stirred the syrup mix a few times and it was coming along but not done. The sitcom ended and I was up doing a bit more clean up and checking on the syrup. Still needed to cook a bit. So I threw in some laundry, brushed my teeth, started the dishwasher, took the dogs out for their final pee, crated them, turned off lights, and went to bed. And slept like a dead person.
DSC_4104Until 7 am when I woke up smelling something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. What is that smell…. ooooohhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo. I raced down the stairs, where, sure enough, the “syrup” was still simmering. Only there wasn’t much liquid left and it was one large congealed mass of burned smelling dark berry infused sugar scorch. Mmmm. (Did I mention I basically did this to pasta just the day before? Trying to cook lunch while installing gates?)  Anyway, the whole house smells rather bad, but I’m grateful the syrup was on the lowest setting, that it didn’t burst into flames and set off any alarms, and that it is an old pot that I have no intention of cleaning. It could be worse.
In fact, my biggest regret is wasting 4 cups of delicious black raspberries! Oh and being dumb enough to try multi tasking after a full day like that. Nice job Reenie. But I suppose we all have to fail sometimes and I have decided in the interest of honesty, I ought to occasionally share these mishaps since they make up a rather large percentage of my life. I just wish I could share the smell because that really does say it all.
And yes, my patio door is that dirty.

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