Daisy Daze

D11babies and puppyMan oh man puppies are cute! And SOOOO much work (Reason #19 puppies are cute)! If you’ve ever had a puppy, you may remember the sheer amount of energy it takes to keep track of them, keep them busy, and clean up after them. If you have a toddler, you can also relate. Only I can’t diaper the dog and I can crate her and go to work. Puppies are a lot. Daisy is no exception. I’m still impressed that she is a lot more chill than Suzie as a puppy. For the record, Suzie lost her insane puppyhood somewhere around 5 years old, and the last vestiges of her inner puppy a week and a half ago when I brought Daisy home (at age 11). Suze has turned into an old dog overnight, which I am still getting used to. Although she puts up with a lot more of Daisy’s shenanigans than Maggie does (shocking).

Daisy is very submissive and rolls onto her back for both of the big dogs “PLEASE BE MY FRIEND.” Yes, she gives off a very desperate vibe. While I was out of town this past weekend, she’s decided she isn’t scared of them anymore and has become a constant pest. When she wants Maggie’s attention, she’s decided barking like a fiend will be the move that finally gets her to love her. Right. It’s an awesome stage for all of us. Reason #127 that puppies are cute.

(TMI Alert) While I was gone last weekend, Daisy reportedly did all her poops outside (and for me for three days before that). But then I got home, and she crapped in the house for me 4 times in a row, despite being outside repeatedly. She was probably just showing off for my house guests because nothing says “welcome to our home” like a puppy doing her business all over it.


D2D1 I think Maggie has told her about the Great Punishing policy that occurs if I leave them (both Maggie and Daisy seem to be on the case). Suzie is just glad to have me home and is even more desperate for love. Since that first day back, we’ve gotten most of her #2’s outdoors and she is great about going #1 when we are out there…. but she also leaves piddle puddles around randomly. How one small critter needs to pee so often, I’ll never know. Yet another reason puppies are so cute.

I am so glad the weather has been nice and I can send all three dogs outside a lot. Daisy expends a lot of energy following the big dogs who go to the far corners of the yard to escape her. We go on walks around the perimeter of the yard a couple times a day to wear her out and it is delightful to enjoy the far reaches of the yard so much more than I was before. And my list of outdoor projects grows exponentially every time I walk out there. My life goals have reduced to trivial things like figuring out how to wear the puppy out. Rinse and repeat.

D5 D7 D6 D4

Admittedly, I am enjoying the puppy snuggles, licks, scampers, and watching her chase her tail. There are constant crazy and entertaining puppy antics. And I’m enjoying how much she is disrupting the world of the other two old dogs. They were due for a shake up and it keeps all of us on our toes.

D9Puppies are ADORABLE and Daisy is no exception. A sweet, bundle of trouble trouble trouble. Word to the wise: If you want to simplify your life, getting a puppy is the wrong move.

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