New Adventures

Announcing our latest Adventure over here at the Little House on the Hill…

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I’ve been thinking about getting a puppy since last spring – although at the time, it seemed like a bad idea (namely because there was no fence and there was one very angry old dog). I started looking again at Christmas time, knowing it would be better to wait until spring, but wanting to get one anyway. Well, I didn’t find one that looked like a good fit until this week. My friend Orsi volunteers at an animal shelter and texted me on Tuesday that there was a Reenie puppy at the shelter. I went over and met this little darling. So sweet!

Saturday we had to pass a “family” visit, meaning the bitches had to not eat the puppy in front of the people deciding whether or not to allow me to adopt the puppy. Orsi volunteered to come dog wrangle with me and it all went pretty smoothly and just what I expected: Suzie did a bit of barking and a lot of wiggling and smelling. Maggie was aloof until the pup got right in her face and then gave a sharp bark- at which the pup showed great respect so Maggie was happy. The long and short of it is that this adorable puppy came home with us.

Daisy is a lab boxer mutt. She looks more black in the photos and more dark brown in person. She’s almost 12 weeks old. She is very sweet, loves to cuddle, desperately wants to be friends with the big bitches, and seems to love everyone she meets.


I’m not one of those dog people– but I’m afraid you may be in for a flurry of puppy pictures because ohmygosh PUPPY!!


The big dogs are not sure what to do with the new addition but happily clue her into the fact that they are the top of pecking order around here.  She is rambunctious for sure, but I’m pretty sure she’s already more laid back than Suzie was at this age. And she does seem to respect being at the bottom of the dog pack, which is a good thing.

Besides, every good kitchen remodel needs a puppy, right??

It is bound to be an interesting spring at the Little House!


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