The Kitchen Begins

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering when I would *finally* get around to updating my kitchen– oh you weren’t? Maybe that was just me. Anyway, it was time. Really I should have finished the upstairs hall, but it doesn’t always work that way. Crazy was raring to go and started emptying the upper cabinets before the Sane Reenie could convince her to finish the upstairs hall first.

Ahem. This is my brain dump post of the things I want to do. It will certainly evolve as the project goes on, but it is always kind of fun to document my original plans (so we can laugh at how far I deviate from it).

Kitchen Idea Board1

Phase One: 
Walls: very pale yellow (summer smile)
Upper Cabinets: Remove, add 1×2 to top, reinstall at ceiling, add crown molding to top, paint white (Sherwin Williams Alabaster White)
Lower Cabinets: Gray (to match my dining room chairs) (Valspar wet pavement gray)
Hardware: black
Repaint the ceiling flat white
Paint tile floor dark blue with stencil on some tiles (scattered throughout- not too busy though) (dark blue)
Add pantry cabinets
Install pull out cabinet organizers in lower cabinets
Replace cabinet above stove with smaller one
Range hood microwave
Phase Two: 
Ikea farm double sink
Butcher block counter tops
Subway tile backsplash
Paint / replace bar stools
Remove wall between kitchen & dining room
Add beam
Drywall in dining room
New dishwasher
Anyway, the project has begun. Prepare to be inundated with boring kitchen updates for the next looooonnnnggggg time.

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Begins

  1. Ooo La La! I’m so excited to watch your progress. I love your idea board picks! (But we’re also of the evolve/deviate variety, so I’m also interested to see where you end up.) I always say, if you have a ton of things that all need doing, do things when they sound fun – so I applaud your hallway break. I took a painting break today and did yard work and it was balm for my pasty-white soul.

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