Antsy for Spring

DSC_2780This is definitely some kind of new record for me: I got to halfway through February before beginning to feel DESPERATE for spring. But it is now hitting with a vengeance. That intense need for spring. I was flipping through photos this weekend and found some from summer. Remember summer? Back when we were outside? Grass underfoot. Birds singing. Sweating my life away clearing brush for a lot of fencing. Driving with the windows open. Sleeping with the windows open. Living with the windows open! I want a life where I can leave the windows open again!! Sure, maybe there was a skunk or two in there too—but ohmygosh SUMMER. I’d take a skunky dog right now if it meant warmer weather and consistently seeing the sun.


It probably doesn’t help that it has been a very cold and very snowy month. February: The longest shortest month every single year. This past week the wind chills have been consistently below zero. It is the kind of cold that sinks right into your bones and makes you want spring in the worst way. Take heart though, we are more than halfway through February, people. We are almost there!! That means a couple more weeks of true solid (and if the forecast is to be believed very cold) winter. After that we’re into March.DSC_4976


The good thing about March is that it sounds more like spring, even though it won’t feel like it. But maybe we won’t be below zero for the whole month. And maybe by the end of the month, the snow will melt enough for the dogs to begin tracking mud through the house (how sad is it that the idea of mud in the house makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside?). Maybe by the end of March I’ll find those crocus bulbs I planted poking up through the snowy cold earth. March is not one of my favorite months—because it is still mostly winter, but what March has that February lacks is hope. Hope that spring is actually coming.


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