Lockdown Update

IMG_5904Lockdown February is officially half over today. It has been AMAZEBALLS so far!! Oh I’m not saying I’ve done a lot of relaxing. But it has been good for my starving introvert. Last week I had an amazing 4 nights at home!!! I feel like I’m getting myself back and gosh, it is nice to see me. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but February is flying by!

  • I’ve been working on repairing and prepping the upstairs guest bedroom closet for use. (Post pending on that one. As of Thursday night, I’ve got a new and rather large drywall patch to do before I can call it done).
  • I painted and installed a couple pantry cabinets for my sister in law (I know, I know, not exactly Lockdown progress, but progress nonetheless since those cabinets are no longer taking over my tiny basement workspace).
  • IMG_5900

    The kitchen tile in question. Buh bye.

    I’ve been dreaming and planning for the kitchen renovation project this spring. Mmmm. Kitchen dreams. It is going to be a lot of work and I’m going to be sooooo happy to finally upgrade this bugger. Not least of which the floor. Oh the floor. I’m going to try painting the tile. Seems worth a try since it isn’t in the budget to replace it for a while. It certainly can’t be worse, can it?

  • I finally started repainting the huge china cabinet I got from my Grandma when they moved out of their house. I’m not telling her it is being painted because I’m not sure she would be okay with that. But I am VERY okay with it because it is a rather dated piece and needs some love.

    China cabinet painting progress

    The hardware is mostly broken and I’m having a dickens of a time removing all the hinges because the screws are stripped, rusted, falling apart. Awesome sauce. I’ve only gotten as far as painting the inside of the cabinet and I already love the cabinet more! I am using milk paint for this project – same type of paint I used on my red china cabinet. We’ll see how it all comes together. I know one thing: it is already a huge improvement. Next I need to recruit some help to move the top of the hutch for painting and repair the broken leg on the base.

  • I have come to the very solid conclusion that if I’m going to tromp back and forth to the barn in the snow, I should shovel a path. Alas, no path shoveling has happened so I’m limiting my tromping. It is a lot of snow to tromp through (up to my knees in some places where the snow drifted) carrying shelves, hardware, and a saw all at once.
  • IMG_5906

    No snuggling please. Just let me be.

    Do you know that Lent is this next week? What the heck? I’m still recovering from Christmas and post-Christmas socializing!! Yikes. I’ve sort of known it was coming but haven’t come up with any solid conclusions about what I should do for Lent. What are you thinking? (Please, someone inspire me!) Is it bad that I’m tempted to continue the Lockdown for all of Lent? SO MUCH LOCKDOWN! Okay I don’t actually think it is possible to maintain that for another six weeks, but I am going to be more intentional about scheduling a couple evenings at home per week to keep the introvert desperation at bay.

  • IMG_5695

    Such a happy pooch!

    It is funny to me that the minute I decide to Lockdown my life, everyone comes out of the woodwork wanting to make plans. It has been about five years since this one family invited me to dinner, and sure enough, as soon as February hits, I get an invite (it is scheduled for my first opening in March). It is really hard for me to really lock down and not make millions of exceptions, because I do want to spend time with people. But as hard as it is, it has been really good and certainly what I needed for my own mental health and wellbeing. I’ve even found time to snuggle a very neglected pooch!



3 thoughts on “Lockdown Update

  1. we painted out salmon pink bathroom tile with rust-oleum tile kit – it was kind of a pain, but turned out nice i think. i’d recommend it! 🙂

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