2014 Wrap Up

Look backI always enjoy all of the year end wrap up posts in the blogosphere and have been trying to get my act together enough to do one over here. Raise your hand if you’re lame (raises hand). It is possible this wrap up is more for me than you because yes, sometimes I need to remind myself that yes, some things happened in the last year.

So without further ado, I present 2014 at the Little House…

January DSC_9941IMG_2725

February  travelers3travelers1 ocean1

March IMG_3154DSC_1911


  • I tore apart the kids bedroom (wall paneling and all), put in new floor, skim-coated the walls, painted, and got it set up for use.DSC_2032IMG_3538IMG_3351
  •  My niece Cecilia Joy arrived, while I got to hang out with her big brothers and sisters.
  • My friend’s twins arrived.
  • I cleaned out an old garden bed and planted strawberries and asparagus.
  • I began the Brush Clearing Marathon that would take over my summer.
  • I started pruning the old grape arbor… again a marathon activity.
  • Had a girl’s night with four of my favorite girlies and we moved the famous tee pee to further back in the yard.
  • My niece Gloria Maureen arrived, while I got to hang out with her big brother and sisters.


funiturebrush pileDSC_2168





Mayasparagus Lex and girlies DSC_2181

  • More brush clearing
  • New cushion covers for my hand-me-down wicker on the porch (which I love!)
  • Hired a lawn service (my awesome cousin)
  • Started spreading compost for a vegetable garden
  • Little sister graduates with her Associates degree, trekked to Stubie for the graduation
  • Headed to MD to visit some dear friends and meet their newest baby
  • Started the fence


  • Brush clearing
  • Fence prep
  • Fence post day with friends and family helping
  • Pigeon shenanigans
  • Working on stripping cabinet for the living room (how have I still not blogged this one??)
  • Summer softball begins

JulyIMG_4117 IMG_4291IMG_4391 IMG_4742[1]IMG_4406

  • Black raspberry season begins. Mmmmm. Someone gets obsessed with the black raspberry jungle in her yard and picks like a fiend.
  • Brush clearing
  • Weekend in Peoria with dear friends, hit first deer
  • Host first annual Irish Park at the Little House – what a crowd!
  • Fence installation – the yard is finally enclosed!!!
  • Maggie becomes nearly pleasant again

AugustDSC_5380DSC_3378 DSC_3486 DSC_3599

  • Threw out back big time (ugh)… opportunity to grow in patience!!
  • Vacation with the extended family
  • Vacation weekend with friends
  • Lots of slowing down to accommodate injury while doing PT

September DSC_5695  DSC_6522

  • Camp out sleepover with a gang of munchkins (they slept in a tent, I slept in my bed)
  • Install a fence at my brother’s house
  • Paint adorable red china cabinet for laundry room
  • photo 2IMG_4779Life Teen starts up


  • New nephew Guiseppe Rocco arrives in New Orleans. Can’t wait to meet him.
  • Hosted the first official card club meeting and yes, it is now on the schedule on a regular basis.
  • Buy a tractor
  • Applesaucing with friends and familyDSC_5166Tractor
  • 60th birthday party for my mom and good friend
  • Catch tractor on fire
  • Awesome friend fixes tractor
  • Weekend up north with friends

November CSC_7933 DSC_7779

  • Life Teen retreat — getting back in the swing of things
  • Ladies weekend and wine tasting with my friends
  • My brother and his family came for Thanksgiving. So great to meet my new nephew and hang out with my almost three year old nephew Monty who is an energetic bundle of funny and awesome.
  • Thanksgiving with the immediate family.
  • Thanksgiving with the big extended family.

December DSC_8791 DSC_8591DSC_8768

  • Lots of Christmas sewing and projects
  • Christmas celebrations with the family, the extended family, the other extended family, more family
  • Christmas celebrations with friends, visits, catching up over break

Lest you think the projects and crazy that go down in this little place are all I care about, let me just say that I have been blessed a million times over by you. By the people in my life. The cute Godson who runs up to give me an enthusiastic hug at Church. The community of believers I’m blessed to share my life with. The many and varied adventures with my little people. The evenings on a friend’s couch, crafting, talking, drinking tea, whining. The games we’ve played. The walks we’ve gone on. The visits with my grandparents. Teaching Religious Ed. The google chats. The overnight visits. The furniture moving you’ve helped with. The lazy Sunday afternoons. The quiet evenings with my pups. The dinners with you and your families. The rescues and related adventures during my season of car troubles. The swapping of stories, ideas, plans. Core team, girls nights, hanging out with teens. The updates and photos of my friends and their beautiful families.

I joke about forgetting the minutia in my life– and thankfully I do forget a lot of the less savory details– and yet it is right there in the minutia that I so often find the greatest joy. All of those little moments add up to one very full and very blessed year. Thank you for being part of it.


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