Homemade Christmas

One of my biggest downfalls this time of the year is that I want to make gifts myself. I’m a quality time person who loves to make things and it gets me in trouble. Nonetheless, with a tight budget, a fabric stash, and some ideas, I took the plunge to see what I could do for handmade Christmas gifts for my people.

I had the brilliant idea I would make plushies for the kids. The hitch in this plan was how long each plushie takes (and that I clearly need to improve my skills in that area), especially the more complicated patterns. Hmmm. So my initial list of 20 plushies was whittled down the closer we got to Christmas. I did go buy a few gifts since I just couldn’t get to plushies for everyone. And the long distance nieces and nephews will be getting their gifts closer to Epiphany since I have yet to finish or mail their things.

Here’s the ones I managed to make, along with the links for the patterns I used (where applicable). It was generally enjoyable, did bust some fabric stash, and I think next year I need to start sewing in August to pull it off.

Taggie Owls for the babies — no pattern, just made it up.


Mary Grace look alike Rag Doll (I used the body and dress pattern but did the hair based on another method and basic hacking).


Dachshund (now named Spot)




Bunny (now named Flower) (I can’t find the pattern I used — sorry!)

DSC_8772 DSC_8775

Eyeore (or just a donkey)



I made a Jedi Robe for a gift exchange and a tiny Jedi robe for the whiskey to go with it (honestly the cutest whiskey I’ve ever seen). The Jedi robe was loosely based on this tutorial and thanks to my friend Katie who happened to be over the night I was sewing it and got stuck being traced as my pattern. And the whiskey bottle jedi robe just happened out of sheer brilliance.

DSC_8591DSC_8611 DSC_8619 DSC_8668


I also made a small Jedi robe for a godson (thanks to Karen for the great photo). This one was just based on my previous adult Jedi robe experience and tracing the godson in question for size.


And there was an Emmeline apron for my sister in law (which I apparently did not get pictures of) and a soap bottle apron to match because that’s just how I roll.

So there you have it — that is what I’ve been doing this month!

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