The new tractor

I’ve been watching craigslist to get an idea of what is out there in terms of tractors. My cousin has his own lawn service company so he was doing my lawn this summer for a great deal- impossible to beat. And then he went away to college… womp womp. And the grass continued to grow. Noooooo. It was time to find my own tractor. Thus the stalking began. I checked out tractor reviews, checked models, etc. In my local area, there were a lot of pretty beat up tractors with pretty low horsepower (15 or so) with pretty generic mowing widths (38-42″). Finally I found a tractor that looked almost too good to be true. 26 hp, 50″ mower, very low hours on the engine and it looked pristine. Lest it be too simple, they were 45 minutes away but it seemed worth the gamble. My dad offered to go with me to check it out since I know very little about tractors and I’m not great at backing up the trailer.

There it was: THE tractor. The owner ran us through the history, etc and it all seemed like a great deal. So I paid him, we loaded the tractor and headed for home. My dad was driving. You know, the guy who never runs out of gas? Well, we were so busy talking that he forgot about gas and, well, we ran out of gas on the highway in the middle of nowhere on our way home. Awesome. We had a good laugh and then realized we were driving my new to me tractor that had gas in it. Of course he had adequate tools in his car so we managed to drain gas into that empty Wendy’s cup and get enough into the car to get us to the next gas station. Thank you Mr. Previous Owner for selling us a tractor full of gas.

We got the tractor home around dusk. It was getting dark fast but of course I wanted to see how the mower worked on my 2 months overgrown grass. Amazing. Fast. Powerful. Great. I cut for about 15 minutes (until it was really dark) and got half of my field mowed. It was faster than I hoped. Mmm hmmm. Can’t wait to finish it up this weekend. And then I gotta get out and re-assemble the leaf sweeper attachment my grandma gave me. Because those leaves are starting to fall. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the new tractor.


2 thoughts on “The new tractor

  1. So much awesomeness in one post – successful craigslist stalking, a great tractor, and an easy-breezy mowing of 1/2 a huge yard. I must say, being the resident lawn mower, I have major tractor envy! Happy [fast] mowing and leaf raking! Woo hoo!

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