Fence fence FENCE!!!!


I just realized I hadn’t posted anything about the fence in weeks!! You know, the fence that has consumed my summer? Oh right, THAT fence!

That’s right folks. That last Saturday of July found me out working on fencing- again and this time with some wonderful helpers: my dad, brother Collin, brother Donal and his wife Lindsey and their cute baby Christopher. We finally got the fence stretched. As in the yard is completely contained!!!

We started by putting together the wooden brace assemblies – I had done the prep work but couldn’t balance the heavy post while inserting a pin by myself. So I’d gotten the horizontal posts trimmed to size, the pin holes drilled, and they were ready to go. So we got those together, pulled them tight with wire strainers, and finally got to stretching the actual fencing. It was a lot of fence to do in a day- I think we got about 650 feet in- and by the end of the day we were all feeling it (hot, sweaty, exhausted, sore). I’ve never thought that much about fences before, but I will tell you this: my new fence is truly glorious. The only part not done Saturday evening when everyone left was the far side of the house along the garage. What are the odds the dogs will find that anyway, right? Well, Maggie began checking the fence lines Saturday night and by shortly after church Sunday morning, she’d found the gap and showed up on the front porch to prove it. So I went out there to close it off (temporarily at least). The holes were already dug so I got the two wood posts in, wire fence from Pigeon Guy’s chain link fence to my post, and then a couple boards propped up to block the gate opening.






















While I was out there working, Pigeon Guy came home from somewhere and saw me out there. So he came over to chat and offered me his leftover chain link gate. Okay sure. He said to be sure and let him know if I need his handyman to help me put it in. I said I thought I’d be fine, thanks though. A few minutes later his wife came over, I hadn’t met her yet. She introduced herself and also offered their handyman’s services to install the gates (I must look really inept at fencing). She asked if I was renting or if I had bought the house and we chatted a bit- she seems nice. Offered me as much zucchini as I can eat and said we should hang out sometime.

Lest you think I’m actually done– I still need to buy and install the big farm gates for the opening in the field (we did put in a temporary stretch of fence that will open and close until the gates go in). And I also need  to make and install a gate near the garage.  I did build and install a gate near the garage.

I still need to stretch the fence and figure out a few gate posts up by the front of the house (there are so many trees up there it is a real pain to try to get holes deep enough- thus the delay). But the gaps are closed off right now and the dogs are free to roam without roaming too far. Maggie is sooooo happy. She has spent the last couple weeks checking the fence lines, peeing on all 2 acres, hunting, and napping far away from the house. Absolutely delightful. It’s been a long 11 months for both of us being fence-less. Suzie was confused by the fence at first but seems to have adjusted to the containment– and by containment, I do mean over two glorious acres to roam freely on.

Life with a fence is Totally Worth the Hype.

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