The Great Fence In

Another weekend and more progress on the fence (sorry no pictures, I was too dirty to even think about it). My brother Emmet agreed to come help me finish the post holes for the wood fence posts. We had the gas powered auger for 4 hours and the first several holes were awesome. Easy. Like cutting through butter (or drilling posts in beach sand). Anyway, we made some great progress… until we tried to drill two holes for gate posts near some of my big trees. No dice. Lots of drilling and ended up with very shallow holes. Not sure how to solve that but we’ll figure something out.  We were on the last hole that needed drilling and suddenly the auger wouldn’t go anymore and we couldn’t pull it out. We tried a lot of things to no avail and ended up having to dig an enormous hole to get the auger out. Ridiculous and a real time sink. We finally pull the auger out, load it into the car to return it, and I jump in the shower before taking Emmet home and racing to set up for Mass. Insane!!! So I had hoped to have some time to level and tamp the posts in place, but instead we just got the holes dug– still not too shabby. And the project goes on. Next up:

  • Placing, leveling, tamping all the wood posts in place
  • Stretch fencing, staple to wood posts and connect thousands of clamps onto t-posts.
  • Build and install gates (two near house)
  • Buy and install farm gates (in the field)

Awesome curbside find:

  • a 4 ft high, 4 ft wide section of white picket fence in the same pickets I bought to make the gates out of. I’m going to add some bracing and hinges to this one and it is the first gate, already built. And free!!

But first an intermission weekend to celebrate our country’s independence and visit a dear friend out of town.

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