Quick Takes

1. If I won the lottery today, I would pay someone to finish installing my fence and buy my farm gates, donate to charity, buy a pick up truck. Sometimes it is scary how much those dreams change as our lives and circumstances change. I would also go to Ireland for a month (that hasn’t changed).

2. Tonight I got home from work and went out to work on digging some post holes. Instead I made some very slow and very minor progress on this one hole that does not want to go any deeper (still 18 inches too shallow). Then I noticed I never finished trimming over at the grape arbor, so I spent an hour doing that, and realized how pretty the wild roses are so I went to get my camera to go on a little photo walk… and on that walk I found the brush dragging tarp mostly full of brush near some branches I wanted to cut. So I cut some more branches, emptied the tarp in the ever growing pile, trimmed some more, collected more brush, and finally cleaned up since it looked like rain.

3. The sad part is that I think if I were to trim / clip / haul two tarps full of brush daily, I could be busy for an hour a day for the next five years… There is a lot of catch up. And sometimes the time I spent seems so insignificant in the face of what isn’t done. On the other hand, the grape arbor is all pruned (still some weeding to do under it and maybe installing woodchips). The t-posts are all in the ground. The garden has flowers and tomatoes in it. The brush pile is enormous. I am making progress, and it is teaching me patience and endurance. Hard to go wrong with that.

4. Construction season at work is insane. ‘Nuff said.

5. I am currently stripping a cool cabinet to paint. But there are so many coats of paint to strip. Noooooo. Someday I’ll show you, but right now it is seriously ugly. But someday I swear it will not be so ugly and I will love it and I will forget how long it took me to strip all the gobby, icky paint off of it.

6. I saw one of my favorite bands in concert last night. If Scythian comes to a city near you, go. You won’t regret it. Also saw my best nun-friend at the concert, which was an awesome surprise.

7. Just saw this commercial and it really hit my funny bone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t816RfEBWVg

Happy Friday!

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