Proud moments

(As you can see, I’m catching up on some May blog posts. I kept starting them and then forgetting to finish.)

My baby sister graduated college last weekend a couple weeks ago (I forgot to post this). I’m so incredibly excited and proud of her. She worked very hard and pushed through. Hooray!! She graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville. I drove down Friday afternoon with two graduation gowns in tow. Fiona had told my mom which one she needed (from the closet full of grad robes) and we figured I’d beat my parents down there. I pull into campus at 5.15 pm (exactly the time graduates were supposed to robe and prepare for the baccalaureate Mass). There are happy graduates everywhere. I race into Fiona’s room with the grad gowns… only to discover they are the wrong gowns (both of them). Not even close. Completely not wearable. Darn. 5:25 we were at the bookstore purchasing the right gown. 5:26 she puts the gown and hat on and gets in line with her fellow graduates and I head in to find a seat at Mass. Whew. Nothing like a burst of panic and an opportunity to help save the day at the very last second to wake you up after a long car ride.









I will say I love me a good Catholic college baccalaureate Mass and commencement address. They say the important things I wish all college grads were told: Go make a difference. Do what Jesus tells you. Stay faithful. Live the truth. Wonderful.

I don’t actually remember a blessed word of my commencement address from EMU. I remember it being long and boring and just being excited to be in line to graduate. I won’t lie: after the commencement address, Fiona was one of the first to graduate and then it got really really boring watching the other 600 kids go through. I knew and cheered for a couple of them, but mostly it was like any graduation: exciting for the one student you are there for and really long watching the rest of them.

After graduation, it poured rain. There were some photos, some waiting around, going back to her room and helping pack the car, and finally I went to Mass on campus and then hit the road for Emmitsburg, MD to visit friends for a few days.

Hooray Fiona! Hooray graduation! And if anyone knows of a good parish looking for an enthusiastic, smart, passionately Catholic, and gorgeous youth minister, please let me know!

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