A List of Nine Things to Bore You

My friend and I like to joke about the third world country going on our respective homes. I started using the phrase when I was living at my parents this summer because it felt like a third world country not having running water in the (apartment) kitchen there and being 6 miles (slight exaggeration) from a working toilet, but then I moved here … and I clearly have my own third world going on around here. It took me months (and Gramps) to fix the bathroom door so it actually closed (if that isn’t third world, I don’t know what is!). Anyway, there’s still plenty of third world country-isms going down over here so today I finally had a Saturday to deal with a few things.

1. Cabinet closers. Those cabinet doors have been standing open for 7 months. It took me 15 minutes to install some of those magical, magnetic closers. And tada! The doors actually stay closed! Definitely a first world update.


2. Garage shelving. Okay I don’t know if we can classify that as a first world improvement- but hey, if you aren’t going to put your stuff on pallets and your garage is going to flood, best you build (and finish building) some shelves to put those boxes on. And some little risers to put your lumber and folding tables up on to keep them out of the ice/water.

3. Books. As a result of the flooding, I brought in a few boxes of books (some of which had gotten more or less damp). And I painted the dirty white backs of the bookcases (used, of course) so as to unpack things onto shelves. Booyah. I finally have some books other than kid books unpacked! (Strangely the kid books were one of the first boxes unpacked). As for the flood, one box of books was completely destroyed, a few boxes were damaged with some salvageable books- they will never be the same, but they are readable. And some were just fine. All in all, it could have been much worse.

DSC_2007 DSC_2006 DSC_2000

4. I found my dish drainer. Missing for months. Also in the flood. And it is now on the kitchen counter. Woah. (And I might go back to the old towel method because I think it looks strange there).

5. A few months ago, when we were helping Grandma and Grandpa move out of their house, I got a few crucifixes from the house. This one was kind of rough, some missing embellishments making it look sad, chipping paint on the corpus and the worn cross. So I am giving it an upgrade: spray painted the corpus, lightly sanded down the cross (mostly to remove glue residue from missing embellishments) and giving it a fresh coat of stain/poly. It feels weird to be updating Jesus… but it looks so much better!! And HEY, I hung it on the wall. I live in a house with a crucifix on the wall again! #stuffCatholicslike

IMG_3259 DSC_1995


IMG_32556. Allow me to highly endorse a cleaning product: “Super Iron Out”. This stuff is amazing! My shower gets really rusty from the hard water, and until today, I hadn’t found anything that did much to really get the rust off. This wonderful stuff was AWESOME. I sprayed it on, waited about 5 minutes, wiped it off. Almost no scrubbing required and the shower is gleaming white again! (And yes, it does make the old grout stand out and highlights the fact that it needs to be re-grouted). I generally don’t buy a lot of cleaning products (anymore), preferring to use natural cleaners more often than not but this one gets my full endorsement. Disclaimer: there are probably chemicals in this cleaner that are bad for you. But my tub! It’s so clean!!! IMG_3273

7. I also did a bunch of laundry: sheets, towels, rugs (I love clean rugs!), clothes. I cleaned (after letting things go for too long). Baked bread. Cooked turkey. Swept up dead lady bugs (cannot get over how many lady bugs I still find every time I sweep). Put the dog food in a garbage can that fits in the space where I need it. Reorganized some first aid / bathroom storage stuff. Threw away some water damaged stuff. Moved boxes around in the garage.


8.  This dog turned 12 yesterday. She came into my life an abused, potty trained but otherwise completely untrained, energetic, and completely IMG_3256insane 10 month old pup, and look at her now! Awww. Happy birthday Mags. She is still a piece of work, but she has taught me some invaluable things about myself and about life and is a great companion (when she isn’t angry). She may get a bad rap sometimes (and she deserves it) but I do love this dog! She’s got such a personality and provides endless entertainment!

IMG_32659. And last but not least (okay, maybe least), while I’m boring you with the trivial details of my life, my hair always looks best on the Saturdays where I work alone, all day, never leaving the house. And I’m breaking my “no selfies” rule to prove it! (Clearly I’m rocking the wrist braces and the safety goggles too).

And there you have it, an actual full Saturday at home with Reenie. Insanely busy and it feels really good to get somewhere, anywhere! Happy End of March!

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