Bits of progress

laundryrm cab1

So a long long time ago (as in September / October ish), I painted the laundry room and installed cabinets and put in a nice sink. Since then, I’ve been wrestling with the rest of the situation in there. I wanted more storage for kitchen overflow and I had a used cabinet I was thinking of installing in there- but it wasn’t quite right. The dog food bin is too big and clumsy, but the dogs do eat in there so it’s just been hanging out in the way (with the ever present load of laundry I need to fold). There’s still a box of half unpacked kitchen things. The cabinets still don’t have doors painted and installed, and there’s no hooks or anywhere to corral the brooms, mops, etc.

DSC_1909Well this weekend I finally got around to figuring a few more things in there and thought I’d share (any progress feels big right now). I had gotten a cabinet that I wanted to use for a TV stand – it is a small china cabinet but I was going to ditch the top half of it. It measured as the right size but didn’t work how I had hoped for the TV in the living room. My original optimistic plan of building some narrow shelving has run headlong into reality and I think it is time to scrap the idea – I just don’t have the time or energy for that– too many other projects that are higher priority– but I want to finish the space (ish) and have it fully functioning. So yesterday I dragged in this cabinet from the  garage (why yes, it is rather heavy and clumsy). I think it is going to work here. Someday maybe I’ll paint it but for right now, it’s the storage I wanted, it covers the window into the bathroom, and I think it looks kind of cute. I dug out the mop / broom hooks the previous homeowner had hung elsewhere and put it up between the cabinet and the door- I love that because you can’t see it from the kitchen. And I found a wall shelf I’d removed from another room and put that up with a plant on it. It feels like it is coming together! So this was the weekend of $0 spent, several things re-purposed, and finally some progress somewhere!


Still to come in the laundry room:

  • – paint and install cabinet doors
  • – put a couple coats of poly on all the raw trim
  • – make a drying rack
  • – maybe hang some curtains someday 

It’s never quite done, is it?

3 thoughts on “Bits of progress

  1. I love it! $0 for all that is *awesome!* …and now I’m laughing at myself for my excitement over repurposing a clean-diaper-storage basket into the perfect basket for library books.

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