February Adventures

The month started with a few gloriously relaxing days in the sun with my friend Sarah in California. We slept. Photographed. Sat at the ocean. Went to a great Wild Animal Park. Laughed at Sarah’s pets. Caught up. Slept some more. And soaked in some sunshine and finally felt alive again. And we relaxed. It was just  what the doctor ordered. I’m thinking this should be an annual thing.

ocean dogocean1




From CA, I flew to Washington to help my sister and her family move back to Michigan. It was great to be with them and I was glad to be able to help. I won’t lie: it wasn’t relaxing. There was a lot of packing, a lot of moving truck loading, and then I followed my brother in law in the moving truck across the country in the van with Ben (9), Ellie (7), and Andrew (5). It was a whirlwind of activity but good to be part of the adventure. We got snow in Richland, Washington, which is rare for them. So we loaded the truck trudging through snow and the kids thought it was marvelous and all part of this great adventure. I will also say that Ben and Andrew were fabulous packing assistants. They were willing helpers and learned the art of finding things to fit in all the little spaces in boxes. Grandpa Fred managed to do the same for loading the moving truck! What a task! Mary Grace wasn’t left out and helped wash floors and tables and generally wanted to be one of the big kids- although I’m sure she was much happier riding to Michigan on the airplane with Mom than she would have been on the long van ride.

travelers8 Travelers6


A few stats from our trip:
– 2400 miles at an average speed of 55 mph (we were following the moving van).
– Watched the first movie at the end of Day 2. It became our routine- the last three days we drove really long days, so we’d stop for dinner, get everyone fed and settled, turn on a DVD of Leave it to Beaver, and the kids would giggle their way through the evening and then fall asleep long before we reached our hotel for the night. Such incredibly good travelers.
– An average of 8 roadside “I gotta pee right now” stops per day. We made yellow snow at the side of the highway from Washington to Michigan with alarming consistency. And we never had an accident in the car. Booyah.
– Not once did anyone in my car complain of being bored. In fact, Ellie mentioned several times a day that she usually gets really bored in the car, but “I’ve been in the car for x days now and haven’t been bored yet!” God is so good.
– We sang songs, made lists of the cool animals we saw, marveled over the “beautiful” rest stop bathroom (Ellie), kept an eye on Chuck and Mac (our names for the moving truck and car on the trailer that we followed across the country), and loved visiting with Daddy at all of our stops.
I was so proud of how well the kids did and relished the opportunity to spend the time with them and share in the adventure.


And I love coming home, being home, home home. There’s no place like home. I sometimes get frustrated at my lack of progress in any area of my life and home, and then realized I was just gone for 3 of the last 4 weekends. Righto. And other things planned every single night of the week. And a full time job. Oh. That is why I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water. That and this long, cold, dark winter. And our dear friend Polar Vortex who keeps coming to visit. I’m feeling decidedly sun-deprived, and my couple days in the sun in CA back at the beginning of February which feels like months ago! It has been an extremely cold, snowy, and cold-snowy winter here in Michigan and it is hard to ward off the February blahs but I am doing my best. And somehow I find myself at the end of February and I am still here, surviving. God is good. 

snowy home

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