Surviving February

ImageThis is the time of year I come up with a plan on how I’m going to survive my least favorite month of the year: February. January is typically the month that we finish Christmas, celebrate a few family birthdays, and then there are a few weeks of introvert recovery before my hatred of winter really gets to me. This year has been colder than usual and my loathing of winter actually set in before Christmas. January has felt very long and quite a bit like February. Not good, people, not good at all. I wouldn’t say I suffer from severe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me. The cold, the sunless days, the cold, the inability to spend time outside… yeah, it gets to me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I only hate my life right now because it is winter. I don’t *actually* hate my life (I really don’t!).

Last year surviving February was easier than usual since that was the month I decided to “Lockdown February” to get some work done on my house and start prepping it to sell. I was so busy working my tail off I barely noticed it was the dreaded February. I also hosted my second annual “Wine and Cheese to make February Suck Less” party which indeed made February suck less and I believe it needs to be an annual tradition.

This year I have no shortage of house projects to do but I may be losing some steam and I’m blaming Old Man Winter and his bitterly cold Polar Vortex and days without sunshine. Blah. Last February was the beginning of my intense year of house prep / house sale / move / house hunt / house purchase / house prep… it’s been a wild year. And here leading into February losing steam on house projects doesn’t bode well for that being a good distraction. But maybe, just maybe, the right project will help.

Actually, I will be spending the first two weeks of February away from home. First a long weekend with a dear friend in sunny CA where she has promised me some gardening (*bliss*), and mojitos, and a few days in her wonderful company. And did I mention sunny California??? Yeah, it’s going to be great.

From there I fly over to the tri-cities in Washington state to spend a whirlwind few days helping my sister finish packing, help my brother in law load the moving truck, and then he will drive the moving truck while I drive with the minivan with my nephews and niece (ages 9, 7, and 5) and drive from Washington to Michigan. It is going to be an adventure to be sure. I think I get the best end of that deal – spending a few days in the car with some of my favorite munchkins is going to be a blast. Meanwhile my pregnant sister and their not-so-great-traveler toddler will fly to Michigan, which I think is brilliant, considering the circumstances.

I’m thinking the remainder of February will be dedicated to dealing with the larger upstairs bedroom. There is hideously gross carpet to remove. Ceiling to caulk. Walls and ceiling to paint. Vent stack situation to investigate. New flooring to install. Trim to install. A bunk bed to set up. Some shelving to build. Yeah, I think that will do for the project of the rest of the month (and maybe March too).

The February Survival List:
1. CA weekend
2. WA to MI move
3. Host Wine and Cheese to make Feb suck less party
4. Host at least 1 craft night
5. Upstairs Bedroom #2 project
6. Take vitamin D daily
7. Deal with inevitable post-trip crime spree (Maggie)
8. Catch up on some post-trip quality time with Suzie
9. Make some baby gifts
10. Read book club book
11. Silent retreat
12. Go ice skating
13. Munchkin sleepover

Do you have a survival plan??? Anything I need to add to my list??

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