Five Month Review

IMG_2656Happy Feast of the Baptism of the Lord! It is the final day of Christmas and tomorrow we begin Ordinary Time. I love all of the celebrations and family and friends of the Christmas season and yet it is always kind of a relief when it is time to take down the tree and get back to the ordinary. The days of ordinary events and moments filled with the extraordinary grace of the Savior who remains with us.

IMG_2688  It has been five months since I closed on my new house. I love this little place, with all of it’s many quirks, and projects, and hidden peculiarities. The yard is glorious, breathtakingly gorgeous – at the end of summer, through a glorious fall, and even in this frigid winter. I am still kind of in awe that I live here and don’t take it for granted even for a moment.  

It has been a whirlwind five months and on the one hand, as I know I say over and over again, I feel I’ve been here forever. On the other hand, I still feel fairly unsettled. Things don’t have homes yet or the home I envision for them is under construction. There are still a lot of boxes to unpack. So it has been five months of transition and projects and challenges and disaster and delight and HOME. I am so very thankful.


The Done (ish) List — (I’ll spare you the ridiculous To Do list today)

Kitchen: paint walls, install new faucet, install existing kitchen sink, get island (thanks Bob & Orsi!)

Laundry room: Spackle & paint walls, install new laundry sink, buy & paint & install cabinets over washer & dryer, install shelf over washer & dryer, paint back door

Bathroom: spackle & paint walls, fix door (thanks Gramps), install new curved shower curtain rod, recaulk, make curtains, paper shelves.

Downstairs bedroom: spackle & paint walls, rip out carpet, install new laminate floor, start on closet shelving

Living Room: Spackle & paint walls, insulate bay window, hang curtains in bay window,

Upstairs small bedroom: Remove funky trim, spackle & paint walls, caulking off from attic, install laminate flooring, install new trim and quarter round, insulate window, make curtains. Paint / repair closet.

Exterior: Paint exterior siding, remove ugly pine bush, install light fixture in garage, wire & install canning stove in garage. 

Yeah, it’s been a doozy. I am thankful and very tired. Onward!!



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