The real life view

I’ve been living in this place for almost 5 months now and it has been a busy 5 months! People keep saying silly things like “you’re so amazing” and I will admit to having gotten a lot done. But honestly, this is what the house looks like mid-project (which, let’s face it, has been all the time the last 5 months– and this is the good view right now!)


Basically, whenever there is a project going on, it means everything from that room ends up displaced all over the house. Currently the downstairs bedroom is in the middle of a flooring installation project. So there is a saw on the kitchen floor- surrounded by sawdust and flooring pieces. The dining room has boxes and bins that were in the bedroom, and the living room is housing dog pillows, carpet padding, flooring, and closet doors.

I know that the chaos is generally a sign of progress but it does makes my type A self twitch. Someday I’m going to have enough of this house redone enough that I can actually LIVE here. It’s going to be a great day indeed. In the meantime, I got some kind of flu bug, so I’m sitting here on the couch in the midst of the chaos wishing I had the energy to finish the flooring so I could put the rest of the house back together.

Lest this post sound glum, I am SO excited to have ripped out the bedroom carpet. It was so gross and the dogs nails were shredding it. Since I don’t have “done” pics to share yet, here are some progress pictures instead. The new flooring is the same laminate I used in the upstairs bedroom (and will be doing the other bedroom in as well).



As you may imagine, I’ve got lots of ideas to set up this room to be the sewing room / library. Here’s what I’m thinking (long term, not necessarily short term) and a few pieces I’m going to put in here. (Oh I know, it’s trouble when I have to sit still for 2 whole days). I’m also thinking some cubbies built into the closet for fabric and notion storage. And who knows what else by the time I get there. But this is a preview of the current ideas bumping around my congested head. (Apparently you have to click on the images below to see them, not sure why I can’t make them bigger).

sewing table rev

Okay, here’s the rest of the ideas (again, sorry for the tiny image- too fuzzy to work out the technical issues):

Sewing room ideas

2 thoughts on “The real life view

  1. Ooooh… You get stuff done even when couch-bound. I like your plans 🙂 And now that you’ve given us step by step instructions on how to set up your sewing table, I am going to break in and craft!

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