The Bathroom Update – the easy (ish) stuff

I already told you about the Bathroom Dilemma and the Towel Dying experiment that yielded some lovely dark purple towels. So I mixed up a lovely dusty, mediumish purple for the bathroom (1 part old house bathroom paint + 1 part old house laundry room cabinet paint + 2 parts clearance white + 2 parts clearance azure gray + 1/2 part wet pavement paint from table painting project)… should probably come up with a fancy paint name for it– maybe we’ll call it moody violet. Or almost free purple.

Someone said to me this weekend “Oh I know you were thinking about what color to do the bathroom, I just didn’t realize you meant now.”  Ha! I guess I didn’t realize I meant now either, but it just felt like time. And I have a few days off work over Christmas and a couple moments between social events. Why not now?? (Okay the why not is probably because it is messy and disruptive-but too late for that now).

I should note my amazing Gramps came for a day after Thanksgiving and we disassembled the terribly crooked door frame, replaced parts, put it back together level and with the door actually latching! Grandpas are the best!  And this Grandpa can fix anything! Finally having a bathroom door that latches shut feels like living the high life, ooooo the luxury.

IMG_2504 IMG_2506 IMG_2521 IMG_2522 IMG_2523

Bathroom before:

Bathroom before1 bathroom before2

Bathroom now:

DSC_9928 DSC_9935DSC_9939DSC_9929DSC_9934  DSC_9941 DSC_9947DSC_9949DSC_9944   DSC_9952 

What I did:

  • Spackle & fill a lot of holes
  • Paint walls ($5 in clearance paint + paint from various other projects)IMG_2707
  • Replace shower curtain rod with one of those curved rods ($20 black friday deal) — Testimonial after first shower: AMAZING! It makes the shower feel so much larger!!
  • Scraped out icky caulk along tub and toilet
  • Caulk along tub/floor and toilet/floor ($4)
  • Reinstall (trimmed) trim on the inside of the door frame (removed when Gramps helped fix the door frame)
  • Scrape varnish drips off floor (they’ve been bugging me since I moved in bc it looks like dried pee)
  • Caulk trim around door frame, paint trim
  • Replace mirror (Ikea $15)
  • Notice that a horrid patch from the previous people shows with the new mirror (used to be hidden behind the old one). Sand down awful patch, re-spackle, sand, paint.
  • Spackle / patch / repair beat up door
  • Sew a curtain for the storage shelf area (fabric from stash)IMG_2715
  • Sew a new curtain for the window that fits the whole window (fabric from stash)
  • Put up shelf over the toilet — found a $5 Habitat Restore shelf — bought, cleaned up, put on a coat of white paint, perfect!
  • Project Total: $65 (including the door frame repairs I did with Gramps)

Someday Dreams:

  • New toilet (installed level)
  • New vanity / sink / faucet
  • Install bathroom fan (summer project since it involves cutting into outside walls)

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