The things we do for warmth

IMG_2611It was one of those projects where it doesn’t look much different at the end of it but makes a huge difference!! As the weather turned colder, I was learning that one of the coldest places in the house was the bay window area in the living room – you know, where I have the couch. So when I do finally sit down at the end of a long day, I freeze there.

So just before Christmas, I spent a day disassembling the trim, finding some huge gaps, filling the gaps with foam board in the large areas and can foam in the rest of it. Then I had to put all the trim back – some a bit more dinged up than before – and it looks virtually the same. However, it is considerably warmer and though it took the better part of a day, I’m positive it was time well spent.  I also hung curtains- they are just cheap ikea white panel curtains, but I’ll take any help I can get right now.


IMG_2662 IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2671IMG_2672 IMG_2661

The day after Christmas I had another first: running out of propane. I had recently told a friend that I had no idea how to know when I would run out, etc. It was filled sometime before I moved in, and I’ve been here 4 months. So there I am, day after Christmas. I was cleaning up to get ready for friends to come visit. I put on a pot of water to make macaroni for lunch and my friends arrived. Hooray buddies! Anyway, I gave them the house tour and then went back to the kitchen to add noodles to the water. It wasn’t boiling. The flame was barely visible. Uh oh. The dryer was cold (though running). And soon I realized the furnace wasn’t coming on either. Awesome. So I ordered pizza for lunch and called the nearest propane company. While colder than usual, I had a great afternoon with my friends. As the house got colder that evening, I took the excuse to curl up on the couch and watch a movie in front of the space heater. Admittedly, after a very busy and social week, it was kind of awesome to have an excuse to not do anything else. 

I piled on an extra comforter and slept like a baby. Getting out of bed to a house at 51 degrees the next morning was not awesome though. The propane guy showed up at 9 am and the heat followed within the hour. I was incredibly thankful for the timing. Thankful it wasn’t on Christmas day. Thankful that the propane people were able to come the day after I ran out. Thankful there is a forecast program so they will automatically come refill in the future. Anyway, there was no damage done and it did make me even more grateful that I’d spent the time insulating those windows just a few days before. And boy, there’s nothing like a day without heat to make you appreciate the luxury of having it most of the time.


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