Quick Takes

1. I started a post about my Thanksgiving, but then I read it over and realized it makes me sound like a crazy person and is probably way too much information to bore my readers with. I will probably forget all about it by tomorrow and spare you the agony. Nonetheless, Thanksgiving happened. I am incredible thankful and enjoyed some wonderful quality time and food with lots of family. You might have to beg if you want the extended version.



2. One of my dearest friends just bought a house (after being homeless for 5 months). I am so incredibly happy for them! Their project- lots of repainting and refinishing floors- is kind of overwhelming and makes me incredibly thankful to go participate and not have it be my project. Not that mine is any better, just that theirs is bigger (their family of 6 needs more room than my family of 1 apparently). Not to mention this particular friend is a Domestic Genius so it is going to be AMAZING when they are done. Anyway, that’s just one of the things I’m so incredibly thankful for right now – friends with homes!

3. Advent is one of my favorite seasons. I think it is such a shame that it gets so lost in the hustle and bustle of the overly commercialized Christmas season. I want to be one of those people who does it well – but I don’t know if this is my year for that. I do have my purple and pink advent candles—sitting in their package on the buffet, unlit, because I can’t find the wreath or candle holders. Boo. Nonetheless, for Advent I’m working on getting to morning Mass again since it is the best way to guarantee I actually get to daily Mass, and so far, while not going perfectly, it is an amazing opportunity for grace and reminds me of why I try to get to daily Mass—because my life is just BETTER when I receive Jesus every day. It is that simple. And I need all the help I can get. If you can’t make it to daily Mass, read the Mass readings on your own- they are so good and so right on for leading us into this holy season and to the celebration of the Incarnation- God becoming man to save us. Come Lord Jesus.

curtains4. I sewed last night for the first time since moving in and maybe the first time since moving out of my house in June. It was amazing. Oh I didn’t sew anything amazing, just simple curtains for the sewing room. But it was amazing to sit down at the machine and create something. Creative therapy. It’s a thing. It is amazing how very much myself I feel after the baking and cooking of last weekend and sewing this week. If only it weren’t too cold to garden…

pie5. I am still eating Thanksgiving leftovers. I made turkey salad out of some leftover turkey and made turkey melts, incredibly good. Especially when served with a side of cranberry applesauce and finished off with a slice of leftover pumpkin pie. Mmm.

Reenie’s Turkey Salad (basically a tuna salad recipe except using turkey)
Turkey leftovers
Chopped onion (I like mine kind of oniony)
Minced garlic (easy to omit if you don’t do garlic)
Scoop of sour cream or greek yogurt (makes it extra creamy and allows you to use less mayo and still have creamy, moist turkey salad)

My kitchen aid mixer does a great job of shredding the turkey and then you just add everything in and it is done. Eat alone or put on a slice of bread, add a slice of cheddar, and broil for a few minutes. Delicious.

6. Sixth grade girls might be the messiest people alive. Okay, that probably isn’t true. But there is this one girl in my class, who is fun and sweet and spunky. And the girl is a disaster when it comes to a cup of tea. As a class project, we decorated mugs and I occasionally bring in tea as a treat for class. How bad can that be right? It’s tea! You grab your mug, a tea bag, put hot water in it, maybe a bit of sugar, and you drink it, right? Oh no. Not in my class. It becomes this ridiculous tea circus as 10 girls rush the kitchen. By the time they all have tea in hand, there is sugar ALL OVER the counters, water and tea on the floor, tea bag packaging everywhere. The first night we had tea, one particular girl managed to spill THREE cups of tea. One on the counter in the kitchen, one on the table, and one on the kitchen floor. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Sigh. This past week at class, this same dear girl managed to knock over the hot water pot (the one with a gallon of boiling water in it). WHAT? Sigh. I had a lot of clean up to do, but those counters probably haven’t been deep cleaned like that in a while. Anyway, the tea thing was a good idea and the girls love it and we bond over it- but oh my gosh I had no notion it could be such a mess. Tea. Serve at your own risk. Especially where 6th graders are involved.

7. Sometimes when I get to the end of a busy week (and they all seem busy lately), having back to back plans all weekend stresses me out. So I’m going to try to embrace that poverty and remind myself that I am the one that scheduled the stuff and that it is stuff I want to do. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? /rant. Happy Friday, friends.

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