I recently ported my old blog contents over here to the new blog. So if you begin going over old posts (which I don’t recommend)– they don’t look awesome (I’m not saying the new ones do either, but the old ones look worse because the layout didn’t appear to port that well). I promise to do better in the future but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to spend the time to go over all the old stuff and reformat or spell check or remove lame content. Nope. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And here’s some pictures of monkeys, drawn by one of my little friends, who is quite the artist. This summer she was explaining how she likes to draw monkeys and all the many ways she likes to draw them. At some point in the conversation (with several people around), she leans closely and whispers in my ear “Want me to show you how to draw a monkey?” (See what I did there, distracting you from my lazy blogging ways with kid drawings? Bam. Monkeys.)


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