Weekend Progress

After a busy week of being elsewhere every evening,celebrating Mass for the feast of all saints got the weekend off to a good start and then after Mass, I had scheduled an evening at home, alone, with a project. Beautiful. Introvert recovery time.

Now that the outside painting is done (did I mention the OUTSIDE PAINTING IS DONE?!?!), I’m ready to work inside and start unpacking and settling in for real. The two bedrooms upstairs both need some serious rehab. Staying within my means at this point, this means removing gross carpet, installing laminate flooring, caulking, spackling, painting the wall with mistint paint, fixing the trim, foaming around the windows, and whatever else pops up while doing those other things.

I decided to start with the small bedroom at the top of the stairs because it is going to be my sewing room. And Christmas is coming. And frankly, I need to start unpacking my sewing stuff and do some sewing (I’m thinking curtains, Christmas gifts, and maybe new soap bottle aprons- because those ones are getting worn out!) And besides, I just got a great buffet / sewing table I can’t wait to show you! (Hint: It needs refinishing and is completely perfect for a sewing room!!)

Here’s before:
The gap between the ceiling and the attic isn’t sealed. The walls are old plaster and are pretty rough– wish I could rip everything out and start over- but instead I shall appreciate what some paint and elbow grease and better flooring can do for this cute little room. So I removed the carpet last weekend, pulled up the tack strips, hauled the nastiness to the curb, and everything was set for some serious painting.

Friday night:

Wash walls with TSP. Remove tiny nails. Remove weird trim. Remove scraps of wallpaper left under trim. Vacuum a million lady bugs (including all the ones hiding the the corner behind the trim- ewww). Caulk the corners where the trim used to be. Spackle. Sand. Caulk the ceiling gap (4 tubes of caulk worth!). Remove window trim and foam gaps around window (let’s make this as energy efficient as possible, shall we?).  I had hoped to get the primer on but the caulk and spackling took a long time to dry since there’s no heating vents up there. Meh. It was dry by morning.




Saturday I woke up entirely too early. 6 am with a loved one on my mind- and I couldn’t get back to sleep- which nearly never happens. So I tossed and turned and prayed for this person. And finally got up and at em, much earlier than I’d planned. By 9:15 am, I’d gotten a coat of primer on the ceiling, the army green walls, the blue door, and the dirty white trim.  Once again, it took hours to dry instead of the hour the can called for. So I set up some shelves in the basement, spray painted the door hardware, made bread dough, and worked around the house for awhile. Finally it was dry enough so I painted the ceiling and put the first coat on the walls. I put the second coat on the walls Saturday evening- sadly the army green is still barely visible in a few places- so I think I’ll do a third coat this week. And I still need to paint the door and the trim white.

I had found this can of mistint paint a couple weeks ago. It looked like it was cream. Seems kind of boring, but I thought going neutral (light) walls gave me some room to go bolder colors with the curtains and furniture- and besides, it was $5 and completely workable. As I was prepping, I kept contemplating the cream… I kept trying to figure out what I could mix in to make it a bit more interesting. Or could I actually put something that boring on my walls? I’m in a bright color phase of my life – CREAM??? I had talked myself into just rolling with it. And when I opened the mysterious paint can… it was pale yellow!!! Now this I can get behind! It is beautiful, still very light and subtle, but yellow! And color! and it will still allow me to use bright colors for the furniture and curtains. Makes me so incredibly happy. I love mistint surprises! And yes- now the outside of my house is wildflower honey yellow, my kitchen is daffodil yellow, and my sewing room is mysterious mistint pale yellow– apparently I love yellow!!

Meanwhile the house looked like a project and dog hair tornado had gone through. Tools scattered everywhere. Laundry on the  couch. Boxes for a friend. Did I mention the dog hair? (I can’t wait for shedding season to be done). I went to 4:30 Mass (while the paint dried) and made the mistake of stopping at the grocery store on the way home (remembering why I never shop on Saturdays). Home to do some more painting and crash way too late– but comforted by the idea of an extra hour of sleep — the only good thing about daylight savings.


Sunday was fabulous. Woke up and started drinking coffee. Cleaned up the tornado. Got the place set up for brunch. Had some of my good friends and their families for brunch. It was great and is always a good way to spend a Sunday – with 6 of my favorite kids and 4 of my favorite adults filling my home! Afterwards the kids all played happily while the adults visited- amazing!! (and somehow I didn’t get any pictures, alas). And then we trekked the perimeter of the yard just for the fun of it. Mmmm fall. Zuzu
Just as we were getting back from our trek around the property, other friends showed up bringing shelving for the pole barn. They set up two sets of shelves. It was a glorious day. Their kids played in the yard with Suzie, wearing her out. I gave the dime tour of the house and they were on their way.

I spent the next couple hours filling the shelves and using my remaining energy for the weekend. And I managed to end the day with some serious down time. Life is busy but oh so good!

Maggie fall

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