The Two Month Review


This Saturday marks two months since closing on the Little House on the Hill. On one hand, when I realize how unsettled things are and how little I’ve managed to unpack, it feels like I just moved in. On the other hand, this place is so very HOME that it feels like it has been my place forever.

On priorities:  I’m realizing that it is kind of sad that the room with the most progress inside my entire house is the laundry room. The thought was if I got the laundry room set with shelves, storage, etc. I could finish unpacking my kitchen (since some things formerly in the kitchen would live in the newly created laundry room storage). There is SOME method to the madness but I am questioning it a lot right now as my living room still isn’t figured out, there are no pictures on the walls, no curtains, the TV is awkwardly on an end table in a poor location… but hey, check out my laundry room! Yeah, maybe not the wisest of decisions, even if there was some thought put into it.

In the meantime, the outdoor painting has taken all the priority and most of my time. So. much. painting.  It is a lot of work and a lot of time commitment, but if a few weeks of evenings/weekends and a couple hundred dollars in paint buys me a few years on replacing the wood siding, it is totally worth it. Besides, I’m pretty sure busting your behind on your house makes you love it more — or at least that’s the case with me.

Last weekend it rained all weekend and I was out of town. It was delightful to take a break from the painting but the leaves changing color and falling continues to make me panic about finishing this project!!! Deep breaths.


As of this weekend and a glorious Saturday of painting, I have the first coat on everything except that one part over the porch roof that I cannot reach. I’m hoping to recruit a tall friend to help with that.  Although thinking about doing an entire second coat makes me groan, I know that the first coat also included all the prep– scraping, replacing rotting shingles, more scraping, caulking, etc. So the second coat won’t be nearly as long. I’m most concerned about getting that second coat on the second floor above the garage and the front of the house- where I did the most scraping and there was the most bare wood siding to cover. The other sides will need a second coat as well, it can wait until spring if I can’t get it done. And then one of these days I need to also paint the trim outside and do trim repairs… right. Maybe in the spring.

In the interest of comforting myself with the fact that I have accomplished something in the last two months, here’s where we stand on the fall list:

Laundry room:

  • paint walls
  • paint door 
  • buy secondhand cabinets
  • paint cabinets
  • install cabinets
  • install shelf over washer & dryer
  • procure and install new utility sink
  • spackle dents in wall and touch up paint after sink installation fiasco
  • paint and install cabinet doors
  • add narrow shelving to the wall
  • unpack, organize


  • Paint walls 
  • install sink
  • buy/install new faucet that actually works 
  • replace boards under the sink
  • replace outlet / switch covers
  • put in hooks for potholders


  • Get water softener fixed — call plumber

Living room:

  • paint walls
  • rearrange furniture
  • run jack for the TV
  • figure out where to put the TV and on what furniture
  • hang pictures
  • get inspired about curtains
  • buy curtain fabric
  • sew curtains, install curtain rods
  • build/find/obtain and install door for the upstairs


  • Paint walls
  • get inspired about curtains
  • replace singed outlets
  • move big bookshelf out
  • unpack, organize


  • rip out ugly bush
  • do lots of trimming / weeding around the house
  • install light fixtures for patio and at back door
  • cut down trees
  • caulk, scrape and repaint entire exterior
  • replace rotting exterior trim and fascia
  • install fence


  • rip out disgusting carpet and tack strips
  • paint front bedroom
  • paint back bedroom
  • paint hall

Unpack and find stuff:

  • fall clothes
  • mugs
  • more pots and pans
  • coffee grinder
  • get house plants from my parent’s house (how have I still not gotten those?!?)

Pole Barn:

  • figure out where I want things to go
  • install shelving
  • organize, organize, organize


  • Wire new 220v canning stove outlet
  • Consolidate boxes so as to have room for canning stove
  • Install some sort of lighting (who has a garage without lights???)
  • unpack boxes and get them out of the garage

2 thoughts on “The Two Month Review

  1. So to recap… In a mere two months you’ve almost completed the most time/weather dependent (major!!!) task (The second coat will be amazingly fast), AND you’ve completed a really good chunk of the major indoors really-nice-to-have-done-before-a-long-cold-winter projects. A lot of the rest is just window dressing… not to mention eminently do-able during those afore-mentioned long winter months. I’d say you planned out your priorities pretty well. 🙂 And you’re amazing.

  2. Wow… Other Karen really nailed it! You ARE amazing. That is a crazy long list and you are kicking some serious behind on it. Be proud. Be very proud 🙂

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