Progress in the laundry room

One of my first projects in the new house is the laundry room. Right off the kitchen, this room is kind of awesome. Well no, it has the potential to be kind of awesome. Not a shelf in the place right now- no where to put laundry soaps, baskets, or anything else. Lots of wall space. That weird window into the bathroom.

In addition to that, my kitchen has about the same number of overhead and lower cabinets, but is short 3 enormous pantry cabinets that I had at the old house. And the cabinet next to the dishwasher. And under the sink is taken up with a softener. Leaving me significantly short on cabinet space in the kitchen right now. I’m working on some solutions for that, but in the meantime, I’ve got to have some good cabinets / shelving in the laundry room to make it all work.

So I started by painting the room aqua (self mixed clearance paint- booyah. $7 + white paint that I had also clearance- and navy blue I had from the previous homeowner – mix that together into the perfect shade and I had plenty to do the job and I gave nearly two gallons to my brother for his house).  And painting the door red (with the leftover from my chicken coop project last year). I forgot what terrible coverage that paint had. So I had to put on several coats and it still isn’t great. Sigh. The room, however, turned out great and I love the color. Mmmm color on the walls. Makes me so happy.



ImageFrom there I went to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I love that place!! You can find great building materials / used cabinets / furniture, etc. there for a good deal and you are also supporting a great organization. Win win.  I picked up 4 sets of cabinets and brought them home.

Incidentally, Maggie saw me with the trailer and freaked out- I think she thought we were moving again. Never fear Mags, you are never moving again. Ever. You are most certainly going to die in this house.

I cleaned and then primed the cabinets with a coat of Zinsser. And then painted the cabinets with homemade chalk paint with some recipe I found on the interwebs. 2 coats of chalk paint dried quickly and made the cabinets look so much better! The doors are laid out in the basement with one coat of primer on them- still need to finish painting them. While waiting for paint to dry one evening, I cleaned and contact papered all of the shelves so they were ready to go.



Then a friend stopped by with extra hands- because- as much as I am LOVING this living alone business, it is kind of a problem when you have cabinets to hang. I kept trying to figure out a way to do it- but frankly you need more hands!! Anyway, friend with hands saved my bacon (as usual) and I put two of the cabinets over the washer and dryer. Booyah.

This evening I arrived home and got right to work on the shelf for over the washer and dryer / under the new cabinets. I found my circular saw in the barn (amazingly) and cut the board the right size. Next I measured for the studs, installed the brackets and put up the shelf. Fabulous.


I have dreams of having my laundry soap on that shelf in cutesy glass jars. But for now, it holds a few bottles of detergent, a couple laundry baskets, and the dryer sheets. I unloaded all the laundry stuff that had been sitting in the corner of the kitchen into the new cabinets and sighed a sigh of relief. Now that is living, folks: a laundry room with places to store laundry related items. And it also gives me a spot for my cleaning supplies, etc that used to have a hall closet at the old place. Beautiful.


I also hung the ironing board and realized how stained the old cover is and now I’m thinking I’ll have to sew a new cover sometime to be all cutesy matching with the rest of the room. I know, I know, overboard. I get it. And I love it, don’t judge.

Next up… painting cabinet doors… finding some cheap and fabulous jars for the laundry soap (I’m thinking big jars here)… and building narrow shelving along the opposite wall… oh yeah, and curtains, I’ve got to do curtains sometime. But that will probably be a winter project.  And some day replace the yucky laundry sink- I’ll have to stalk the Habitat store for that in the coming months.

Anyway, I’m delighted to be this far and can’t wait to finish it up.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Progress in the laundry room

  1. It’s looking great! I love the color you chose and I’m impressed that you mixed it yourself! I have never lived in a house with a real laundry room (though having laundry in the basement at our place right now has been pretty fantastic anyway), so I’m a little jealous.

    If you’re looking for big glass jars for laundry soap, I’ve seen some nice ones at TG Max (if you have one near you?). Have you tried making your own laundry soap yet?

  2. Becca, I have been making my own detergent for years and love it, although I need to do another batch now that I have a home again. (I successfully used up the last batch just before moving). and yes, I LOVE MY LAUNDRY ROOM! My last one was in my basement and I managed to make it pretty cute- but nothing quite so awesome as right off the kitchen and with actual windows. Be still my beating heart (although I won’t be able to hang unmentionables in there I suppose).

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