Everyone else is talking football, back to school details, and more football. And me? I hoard my weekends like they are going out of style. We got projects to do people!! And canning, let’s not forget the canning. Anyway, back to the house projects… I’m actually in project overload. There is so much I want to do and so little time to do it. So I’m attempting to pace myself (which I’m terrible at).

Here’s what is on my fall list for the Little House on a Hill (yes, I realize this isn’t possible):

— Laundry room: paint (done), paint door (mostly done), buy secondhand cabinets (done), paint cabinets, install cabinets, add narrow shelving to the wall, unpack and settle in.

— Kitchen: Paint walls (done), install sink (done), buy/install new faucet that actually works (done), replace boards under the sink. I really, really want to paint cabinets and remove walls- but even I realize I can’t do those this fall. So… put those on the winter list instead.

— Water softener: It appears to not be working at all. After reading a few things online about how to diagnose, blah blah blah, I’ve decided this is one worth calling a plumber to come take a look at. This is big for me- in case you don’t know this about me. Now to actually call one and be home for the appointment.

— Living room: paint (done), rearrange furniture, run jack for the TV, figure out where to put the TV and on what furniture, hang pictures, get inspired about curtains, build/find/obtain and install door for the upstairs.

— Bedroom: Paint (done), get inspired about curtains, replace singed outlets

— Outside: rip out ugly bush, do lots of trimming / weeding around the house, install light fixtures for patio and at back door, cut down trees, caulk and repaint entire exterior, replace rotting exterior trim and fascia, install fence.

— Upstairs: rip out disgusting carpet

— Unpack and find stuff (like fall clothes, the mugs, etc)

— install shelving in the pole barn and organize the place (it is an organization disaster right now containing boxes, garden implements, tools, extraneous furniture, shed contents, garage contents, and basement contents from the old house– truly frightening).

Like I said, I know all of this is not possible but hey, I like to dream big. The real challenge is working hard, doing what I can, and then being satisfied and happy at the end of the day, even if I am still not super-human. I’m working on that these days and believe I’m making some progress.

I should also say again how thankful I am to be in this place. The house is great, the yard is incredible, the drive to most of my friends/family is half of what it was when I was in Saline, and it is great to be here, on my own, with the pups. Every morning I wake up and see this out the bedroom window, and thank God again for his magnificent providence and abundant grace in my life. I am thankful.


Tis the season

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