The downstairs bedroom

My goal was to get the downstairs bedroom and the living room painted before moving in. My reasoning was simple: Those are the two rooms that it will be hardest to move the furniture around by myself. And trying to get the whole house done was never going to happen. As it was, I spent a few late nights that week between closing and moving trying to get those two rooms done and ready for the move!!

Bedroom Before:


Bedroom After:



You may recognize this color from my dining room at the Nichols Homestead. Periwinkle!! I love it! Looks blue during the day and purple at night. I had painted the dining room years ago and when I went to sell the house and redid the floors, I realized how badly the dining room needed a fresh coat of paint. So I used the little bit of the original paint I had left, plus a bucket of clearance paint that was close in color, plus a few dabs of other paint I had laying around and the color came out nearly the same. And I had an extra gallon left after doing the dining room which I knew I wanted to use in whatever house I ended up in. Perfect!!

The previous homeowner had recently repainted (quite badly, I must say) but I was thankful I didn’t have to paint the ceiling or the trim. Just do a lot of spackling, sanding, and painting the walls.  I still need to put the switch plates back on and replace a few of the outlets that are worn and have singe marks in them. But in the meantime, I moved in there and am happy to have the painting done.

PS. I think it is unfair that everyone on earth is better at half assing than I am.  Seriously, WHO DOESN’T REMOVE THE SWITCH PLATES BEFORE PAINTING??? /rant


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